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Cherokee 1-6

Hello/ Hi Siyuu (she- you)
How are you? Osigwotsu (oh-she-gwo-tsu)
I’m fine Osigwo (oh-she-gwo)
And you Lhinna (ee-he-nah)
Bad Uyohi (Ew-yo-he)
Good morning Osda Sunalei (oh-stah sue-nah-lay-ee)
Good night Osda Svnoi (oh-Shtah suh-no ee)
Blessing Adassligi (ah-dah-shlee-gee)
Many/much Utsati (ew-saw-ti)
Many/much blessings Adassligi Utsati ( ah-dah-shlee-gee ew-saw-ti)
Love/ I love you Gvgeyu (guh-gay-yow)
I/Me/My Ayv (ah-yuh)
You Nihi (knee-he)
Chief Ugawiyuhi (ew-guh-we-you-he)
Principal Ah (ah)
Head mother Asgoli ugh (ash-golee ew-gee)
Warrior Ditlihi (dee-shlee-he)
Thank you Sgi (shkee)
Your welcome Hawa (ha-wah)
Okay/ok Howa (howah)
Yes Vv (uh-uh. Or uh)
No Hadi (ha-dtee)
Maybe Elisti (a-lee-shtee)
Cherokee Tsalagi (saw-la-gee)
Why/ how come Dvno (duh- no)
America Amayetli (ah-ma-yea-shlee)
Now Kahoqwo (kah-no—qwo)
Who Kagousd (kah-go-ew-sht)
You speak Uwonihisd (ew-woe-knee-he-sht)
What is your name Dodetsadoa (doe-day-saw-doe-ah)
What Doyusd (doe-you-sht)
How much/How many Hvgaiga (huh-gah-ee-gah)
I can’t Hano (ha-no)
Always/forever Nigohilv (knee-go-he-luh)
Almost NVv (nu-uh)
Next time Taline (tah-lee-nay)
Often Lyudali (ee-you-dah-lee)
Wait So (she)
Again Sigwo ( she-gwoh)
Next So (show)
Great Osd (oh-sht)
I know Tsigata (see- gah-tah)
I don’t know Gesdigata (gay-she-gah-tah)
My name is Daqwadoa (dah-qwah-doe-ah)
How do you say Doad (doe-aht)
This Hia (he-ah)
Where Gatsv (gah-suh)
Water Am (ahm)
Car Daqwalelu (dah-qwah-lay-Lou)
Key Tsuwetsi (sue-way-see)
Money Adela (ah-day-la)
Cat Wesa (way-shah)
Dog Gitli (gee-shlee)
And Nole (no-lay)
Go Wena (way-nah)
Stop Halewista (ha-lay-we-shtah)
Stop and go Halewista nole wena (Ha-lay-we-Shtah no-lay way-nah)
Go with me Inena ( ee-nay-nah)
Table Gasigilo (gah-she-gee-low)
Chair Gasigilv (gah-she-gee-luh)
Hot Udilegi (eew-dee-lay-gee)
Cold Uyvtsvhi (eww-yuh-duh-he)
A lot Agadv (ah-gah-duh)
What are you doing? Dohadvne (doe-ha-duh-nay)
I’m building a fire Godvsga (go-duh-sh-gah)
Nothing Digioyusdi (dee-key-oh-you-shtee)
I’m talking Tsiwoniha (see-woe-nee-ha)
I’m walking/walking Gedoha (gay-doe-ha)
Digilowistaniha (dee-key-low-wish-taniha)
I’m drinking/drinking
I’m working
Gaditasga (gah-dee-tah-sh-gah)
Created by: NativeAmerican



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