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LH-Science Test 5

Science Material Test 5

What is all around us? air
Air takes up ______________. space
Air is a special group _________________ that are mixed together in special amounts gases
Name 2 gases we have studied. 1. oxygen 2. carbon dioxide
What do we call moving air? wind
_________ air is light and rises. Warm
_________ air is heavy and moves toward the ground. Cool
_________are windstorms that begin over the ocean. Hurricanes
__________ are windstorms that build up over hot land. They are funnels of spinning air. Tornadoes
What three things decide the weather? 1. sun 2. air 3. water
_________ is the process of water returning to the air. Evaporation
__________ begins to fall when clouds, heavy with water from the air, meet cool air. Rain
Each __________ has 6 points. snowflake
__________ needs something to travel through. Sound
__________ __________ travel through air until they enter your ears. Sound waves
What is a toy that uses air to "work"? balloon, sailboat, whistle
True/False: We cannot feel moving air. False
True/False: The gases in the air are measured carefully so the animals and plants can live on the earth. True
True/False: Air is made up of only oxygen and carbon dioxide. False
True/False: The slower air moves, the harder the wind blows. False
True/False: The wind is always friendly. False
True/False: All windstorms come from hot air meeting cold air. True
True/False: We are able to see and smell air. False
True/False: Water is always in the air. True
True/False: Every snowflake is shaped exactly alike. False
True/False: The air can hold a certain amount of water. True
True/False: There is no sound on the moon. True
True/False: Most of the time, sound travels through rock. False
True/False: There is a wide band of air around the earth that keeps the earth from being burned by the sun. True
True/False: The higher we go, the more air there is for us to breathe. False
True/False: Without the band of air around the earth, nothing on earth could live. True
True/False: If we left earth and its band of surrounding air, it would not be completely dark. False
Who mixes the gases in our air to the correct amounts? God
Why would the sky be dark if you went outside the layer of air around the earth? There is no air for the sun to shine through.
Why is there no sound on the moon? Sound travels through air, and there is no air on the moon.
Created by: PVA 2nd Grade
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