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Gospodin Mr
Ućim I study
Gospođa Mrs
Muž Husband
Izvinte Excuse me
Izvolite Here you are
Mnogo A lot
Ponovite Repeat
Molim Please
Malo Little
Jezik Languare
Pasoš Passport
Loš Bad
Turista Tourist
Vrlo Very
Radi To work, do
Čitiai To read
Gledati To watch
Novine Newpaper
Svakog Every
Svakog dana Every day
Teško Difficult
Slušati To listen
Sada Now
Samo Only
Sve Everything
Svaki Every
Ko Who
Kada When
Šta What
Zašto Why
Zato što Because
Gde Where
Koji Which
Kako How
Da li Question
Koliko How much
Radti Singular I Ja Radim
Raditi Plural US Mi Radimo
čitati singular I Ja čitam
čitati plural us Mi čitamo
To be singular I Ja sam
To be singular you Ti si
To be singular they male On je
To be singular female Ona je
To be singular neutar Ono je
To be plural I Mi smo
To be plural you Vi Ste
To be plural male Oni su
To be plural female One su
To be plural neutar Ona su
Šta ima novo What is new
Kako se zovete What is your name
Zovem se My name is
Gospođica Miss
Odakle se Where are you from
Ja sam iz I am from
Gde živite/živis Where to you live
Živim u
Jabuke Apple
Jagode Stawberries
Kajsije Apricot
Trešnje Cherries
Kruške Pears
Limun Lemon
Maline Rasburries
Pomorandže Orange
Šljive Plumbs
Breskve Peaches
Grožđe Gapes
Kako si How are you
Šta ima What is up
Kado ido How is it going
Dobro Sam I am good
Nije Loše Not bad
Odlično! Excellent
Fantastično Fantastic
Može i bolje I can be better
Nisam dobro Not good
Created by: CRCONLEY



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