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Biology Chapter 4

Chapter 4 information to study for test

A ___________ is the fundamental unit of life or building block. cells
Cells are extremely ________________ in shape and function. diverse
Nearly all cells require a ________________- to be seen. microscope
Is a cell a living thing? YES
Light microscope or ____________ (combine lenses), or __________ _________ (bright lights) compound bright field
_________________ microscope are limited by properties of light. Light
_______________ microscope overcomes limitation by using beam of electrons. Electron
Compound microscope are optical (light) and produce ______ image. 2d
Stereo Microscope are optical (light) and produce _________ image. Can look at feathers of birds or insects. 3d
_______ or Electron microscopes are high resolution of 2d image. TEM
______ or Electron microscopes are 3d image. SEM
Ant, mouse, human, or blue whale take _________ microscope. Also human and frog eggs might be able to use this. No
Frog and human egg take _____microscope. Also plant and animal cells, most bacteria, and Chloroplast might be able to use this. light
Plant and animal cells, most bacteria, Chloroplast, viruses, proteins, and amino acids take ___________ microscope. Electron
Atoms take _____________microscope? has not been invented yet.
Cells need ____________ ___________ large enough for entry and exit of materials. surface areas
Surface-area-to-volume ratio means _________ in and ______ out. nutrients waste
_________________ to increase surface cell area. Adaptations
The ____________ __________________ is the cell inside and out. Plasma Membrane
All cells have an outer membrane called the plasma membrane or __________ __________________. cell membrane
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