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English IV

Camaraderie Friendship/Teamwork
Frangible Fragile
Donnybrook Uproar/Fight
Brigand A group of bandits
Usurp To take control over something or someone
Talisman A magical charm
Catharsis An emotional release
Risible Provoked Laughter
Anomoly Odd, Deviates from the normal
Plethora Abundance of; large amount
Hubris Arrogant
Platitude Cliche, common statement
Imbriglio An embarrassing situation
Nexus Tie or bond
Convoluted Complicated
Kenning Nicknames
Appositive An adjective that describes a noun
Alliteration The repetition of a consonant
Caesura A break in the line of poetry
Enjambment A run on sentence of poetry
Irony Using language meaning one thing, but making it sound like you mean something else
Mood Feeling/State of mind
Verbal Irony Sarcasm; Someone says the opposite of what they really mean
Dramatic Irony The full significance of what a character is doing is known to the audience but not to the character itself
Situational Irony Expectations of something to happen, then something else happens instead
Direct Characterization An author directly tells the readers about a characters traits
Indirect Characterization When the characters personality is shown through their actions or speech
Conflict Disagreement/Argument
Tragedy When a story ends badly
Tragic Hero There is a fatal flaw in the hero
Who is the author of Beowulf? Unknown
Define what a scop is. A poet
Why is Beowulf considered an epic? It is a narrative that has legendary heroes and historical figures
What type of language is Beowulf written in? Old English
Describe Grendel’s skin. Thick and sword proof
After fleeing Herot, where does Grendel die? In his lair
Why was it almost impossible to kill Grendel & Grendel’s mother? They cursed all men’s weapons so that they couldn't puncture their skin.
Who tries to avenge Grendel’s death? Grendel's mother.
How long does Beowulf rule Geatland in peace? 50 years
Why does the dragon awake? A slave woke the dragon when he stole a cup from it.
What is originally stolen from the dragon’s treasure trove? A jeweled cup
What is the significance of Grendel being descended from Cain? He is a descendant from the original sin, or the original evil.
How does Beowulf wound Grendel? Tears off his arm.
Who does Beowulf compete with in a swimming match? Brecca.
What type of values were important in Beowulf’s culture? The knights code: bravery, Pride and Loyalty.
What are the seven deadly sins? Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, Greed, and sloth.
What does the deadly sin, sloth, mean? Lazy, Not active.
Why do the seven deadly sins relate to the Knight’s Code of Chivalry? They are rules that need to be followed.
What does the deadly sin, gluttony, mean? Over consuming something.
Characterize a hero’s quest in medieval literature. - Long Journey - Quest/Goal - Follow the Knights code
Why is “Sir Gawain & the Green Knight” classified as a Romantic Narrative? The laws of nature are suspended.
What type of hero is Sir Gawain? Chivalric
What dialect was the first text of “Sir Gawain” first composed in? Middle English
What is the Green Knight’s objective in proposing the “Beheading Game”? To test the knighthood
After Sir Gawain chops off the Knight’s head with the axe, what happens? He picks it back up and tells him to meet him in a year and a day.
When Sir Gawain volunteers to take King Arthur’s place in the challenge at the beginning of the story, what information does he NOT know about the Green Knight? Sir Gawain doesn't know the knight is immortal.
What does the Lady tell Sir Gawain about the green sash? It makes the wearer immortal.
What sound confirm Gawain’s suspicions that he has reached the Green Chapel? The sharpening of an axe.
Who does the Green Knight end up being? The lord of the castle.
When Sir Gawain flinches at the initial swing of the Green Knight and his axe, which code of Chivalry does he violate? - Honor and Glory. - Disobeyed someone of authority. - Doesn’t tell the truth.
Where was Shakespeare’s hometown? Stratford-Upon-Avon
What epidemic ravaged Europe during Shakespeare’s lifetime? The Black Plague.
What was Shakespeare’s highest education? Grammar School.
What was the nickname of the Globe Theater? The wooden O
Why were plays not performed in the evening? There was no source of lighting at night.
What were the people who stood in the pit during the play called? Groundlings.
How much was the admission to stand while watching a play? A single penny.
How old was Shakespeare when he married his wife, Anne? 18
What is special about the date Shakespeare died? It was on his birthday.
What was the real Macbeth like? He was not murderous or terrible, he was as good and noble king.
Macbeth Main character, murderer, and king. Slowly gets corrupted by his own ambition, and others ambition around him.
Lady Macbeth Macbeth’s wife, she urged him to kill the king Duncan. She was also corrupted by her ambition, her murderous ways slowly ate away at her until she eventually killed herself.
Macduff Suspicious of Macbeth, is the person who kills Macbeth. All of his family was murdered by Macbeth.
Banquo Macbeth’s best friend, predicted to be the father of future kings but that doesn’t come true, and is murdered by Macbeth.
Duncan The King of Scotland, and is killed by Macbeth.
Malcolm Duncan's eldest son, becomes king at the end of the play.
Donalbain Duncan's youngest son.
Hecate Goddess of witchcraft and magic
Fleance Banquo's son
The three witches Can predict the future, tell prophecies, and cause Macbeth to travel down his murderous path.
Lady Macduff Wife of Macduff, killed by Macbeth.
William Shakespeare Author of Macbeth.
Macdonwald Leader of the rebel forces fighting against Scotland. Slit from the nave to the chops.
Porter Comic Relief
Thane of Cawdor The traitor that is killed, thence letting Macbeth take his place as Thane of Cawdor, and making the prophecy come true.
How long should a resume be? One page
What is the 10-second glace? Employers look at a resume for 10 seconds and if it catches their eye it is reviewed further.
A successful resume is all about matching an employer’s ____________________ with your _______________ and accomplishments. A successful resume is all about matching an employer’s NEEDS with your TALENTS and accomplishments.
How long should a job objective be? One sentence.
You should keep your resume _____________ (Think KISS). Keep it Short and Simple
What type of person would be the best reference for a resume? A coach or teacher that has a good impression of you - not someone who hates you.
What is the last requirement of a cover letter? A Signature
What is a salutation? A formal greeting.
What is the dateline of a cover letter for a letter of application? The date the letter was written.
What type of information will be in the PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE category? Past jobs or volunteering.
Skills and Accomplishments 5
Heading 1
Education 4
Objective 2
Work Experience 3
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