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PPT 1-intro to cell

BIOL 288

who was involved in the birth of cytology Hooke and Leeuwenhoek
who was Robert Hooke discovered cells, cross-sections of cork, microscope was 30x
who was Leeuwenhoek father of microscopy, first to observe living cells(pond water, blood, sperm). microscope was 270x
how did Leeuwenhoek describe sperm cells little animalcules that moved forward with a snakelike motion of the tail.
what did Nicolas Hartsoeker see in sperm? a tiny human inside the sperm head. homunculus.
What are 2 Factors that hampered cytology microscope had little resolving power (resolution) and the 17th century biology was descriptive (all about how things looked)
who were the key players in the birth of the cell theory Robert Brown, Matthias Schledien, and Theodor Schwann
What did Brown do in 1833 found every plant cell has a nucleus
what did Schleiden do in 1838 found all plant tissue are composed of cell and that all plants develop from a single cell
what did Schwann do in 1839 similar observations in animals cell, proposed single unifying cell theory
what are the 3 tenets of the cell theory (Schwann)1. all organisms consist of one or more cells. 2. the cell is the basic unit of structure of all organisms, thus it is the structural unit of all life. (Vichow) 3. cells can arise only from preexisting cells
Vichow quote omnis cellula e cellula. every cell out of a cell
what three fields make up modern cell biology cytology, biochemistry, genetics
what are the optical imaging techniques of cytology confocal microscopes, electron microscope(transmission,scanning), atomic force, magnetic resonance imaging, near field scanning optical microscope, synchotron.
what are the Paradigm-shifting discoveries of biochemistry Wofiler synthesizes urea in lab using inorg ammonium cyanante, Pastuer links living orgs with specific processes, eg. yeast cells ferment sugar into alcohol
what did Buchner and Buchner do demonstrate fermentation with cell extracts (cell components do work)
what did Mendel do formulated the fundamental laws of genetics
what are the two laws of inheritance segregation (pair of alleles for every trait). independent assortment of hereditary factors- seed shape and colour are independent
who identified chromosomes Fleming
what did Roux and Weissman do found chromosomes carry genetic info
what did Sutton formulate chromosomal theory of heredity
what happened to cell bio in 1950 Watson and Crick proposed double helix of DNA
what is modern-day genetics like use computers, cell transplants, transgenics/cloning. gene selectivity
what are the basic properties of cells (text) life, complex and highly organized, genetic program and a means to use it, can produce more cells, can acquire and use energy, carry out chemical rxns, engage in mechanical activity, respond to stimuli, self-regulate and evolve.q
what are HeLa cells tumour cells from Henrietta Lacks. first human cell culture
what have the HeLa cells done for cell bio so far HPV vaccine, Cancer treatments, HIV/AIDs and polio vaccine
Created by: abc273
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