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bio Final

Which generation is dominant in nonvascular plants the gametophyte generation is dominant
An activator is a protein that binds to a control element in DNA
The Krebs Cycle removes electrons from pyruvate and puts them on NAD+
In photosynthetic electron transport: NADPH can only be produced if both photosystems are operating
The Calvin Cycle uses ATP and NADPH from the light reactions of photosynthesis
In mitochondrial electron transport: electrons from NADH are transferred to O2 to make water
In the Ascomycetes: the ascocarp is heterokaryotic
All true kingdoms: Plants, animals, fungi
In all muliticellular Fungi: meiosis occurs immediately after karyogamy
Which of the following statements about xylem is TRUE? tracheids are found in gymnosperms and ferns
Which of the following statements about phloem transport is TRUE? Pressure in the sieve tubes is higher in sources than in sinks.
In a typical phosphorylation cascade used in signal transduction, loss of a protein phosphatase is likely to: lead to an overly active signaling pathway
If a G protein were defective so that it could bind to but not break down GTP, this G protein is predicted to: always be active
The CdK proteins that control the cell cycle work by: adding phosphate groups to other proteins to change their activity
The anticodon is a sequence of three nucleotides in a tRNA
A fat or oil is composed of: 1 glycerol and three fatty acids
Which of the following statements about amino acids is TRUE? All amino acids have one carboxyl group and one amino group
All protists are: eukaryotic
Which generation is dominant in the ferns? the sporophyte generation is dominant
In phloem transport, pressure in the sieve elements is created by: active transport of sucrose into the sieve element
When sap is harvested from sugar maple trees in the spring, which of the following is TRUE? The sap is harvested from the xylem.
Most of the dry weight of a plant is: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
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