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MM Fall Final Study

Study Guide for Fall Final Exam

subsidized student loan A loan on which you pay no interest until you have graduated or you are no longer enrolled in school
unsubsidized student loan A loan that starts charging interest from the time the loan is made
cover letter The letter that serves to introduce you to a prospective employer
entrepreneur A person who takes the risks of being self-employed and owning a business
profit sharing A benefit that allows employees to share a portion of profits of the business
dependent A person who depends on you for more than half of his or her support
inflation An increase in the general level of prices of goods and services
trade-off Giving up one option in exchange for another
liabilities Debts that you owe
financial plan A set of personal and financial goals you want to accomplish, along with steps & a timeline for reaching these goals.
financial planner A professional consultant who provides financial advice
long-term goals Goals that typically include what you want to achieve more than five years from now.
endorsement A signature with or without instructions, written on the back of a check
withdrawal Taking money from your account
Rule of 72 A rule that provides a quick formula for computing how long it will take to double money invested at a give interest rate.
True By insuring deposits in banks the FDIC helps to promote public confidence in the U.S. financial system
False Reflation is the opposite of inflation
True The amount owed on your credit card is an example of a liability
False Generally, during the first year of self-employment, a small business owner can expect to work fewer ours and receive a higher salary than if he or she were employed by a large corporation.
True Debit cards carry all the same protections provided with credit cards
True The stage of the business cycle at which the economy is as robust as it can get is called peak
False Online-only banks are subject to the same laws and regulations as traditional banks, but online-only bank accounts are not insured by the FDIC
True In today’s workplace, communication is one of the most important soft skills
True With e-filing, refunds may be received much more quickly than when a paper tax return is filed.
True Salaried workers usually do not keep time cards or count hours worked and do not receive overtime pay.
True If you cannot answer a question on a job application or if it isn’t applicable it is acceptable to write N/A on the answer blank
True Higher productivity lowers the cost of each unit produced.
Created by: mrstephens