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Pers Fin ch 12

A class of stock in which the owner of the stock shares directly in the success or failure of a business is called what? Common stocks
What is the part of the profits of a corporation that each shareholder receives called? Dividends
What kind of stock has fixed stocks where you pay first and there is no voting right? Preferred stocks
Stocks that have consistent histories of paying high dividends are called what? Income stocks
Shares of stocks in companies that reinvest their profits into the business so that it can grow and expand are called what kind of stock? Growth
A stock that sells for less than 5 dollars a share is called what? Penny stocks
Stocks of large, well-established and usually profitable businesses are called what? Blue chip stocks
Coke and Walmart are examples of what kind of stock? Blue chip stocks
Stocks that remain stable and pay dividends during an economic decline are known as what? Defensive stocks
Utilities, drugs, and food are examples of what kind of stock? Defensive
Stocks that do well when the economy is stable or growing are known as what? Cyclical stocks
Airlines and travel industries are examples of what kind of stock? Cyclical
NYSE stands for what? New York Stock Exchange
What kind of market has rising stock prices and a general feeling of optimism? Bull Market
What kind of market are the investors pessimistic about the overall economy and start to sell stocks? Bear Market
What are the three strategies for investing in stocks? Conservative, aggressive, and speculative
What kind of investment does not exist? No risk investment
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