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chapter 17

ghazis nomadic, militaristic "warriors of the Islam faith"
ottomans Western name for Osman 1 and his descendants. it was built by Muslim Turks
sultan the Arabic term for "ruler"
janissaries enslaved Christian boys who were converted to Islam and trained as elite soldiers, loyal only to the sultan
mehmed ll sultan at the time of the Ottoman Empire's spectacular phase of expansion, conquered Constantinople and made it his capital
suleyman l his rule brought the Ottoman Empire to its height. they called him "Sulleyman the Law Giver"
shah "king" in Persian, leader of the Safavid Empire
abbas Abbas is Medieval Latin for "abbot", and is an element in a number of place names in England. Abbas is a common Islamic name, and is an element in a number of place names in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
babur defeated the rulers of Delhi and established the Mughal Empire
mughal empire India's first Muslim empire, known for its wealth and power. found in 1526
akbar the great Babur's grandson, greatest of all Mughal rulers
sikhism founded in the late 1400's, blending elements of Islam and Hinduism
shah jahan Mughal ruler during empire's cultural golden age
taj mahal a white marble mausoleum in central India, in Agra on the Jumna River: built (1632–43) by the emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal;
aurangzeb Shah Jahan's son; known for expanding the empire and imposing his strict Sunni Muslim views on society
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