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to detest, abhor aborrecer
to absolve, acquit absolver
to absorb absorber
to abstain, refrain from, forbear abstenerse
to happen, occur, come about acontecer
to suffer adolecer
to thank for, acknowledge agradecer
to dawn, get light, wake up at dawn amanecer
to become night, get dark, be somewhere by dark anochecer
to show up, appear aparecer
to desire apetecer
to apprehend aprehender
to learn aprender
to ascend, promote ascender
to attend, pay attention, heed atender
to attract atraer
to sweep barrer
to drink, sip beber
to fall caer
to lack, be without carecer
to choose, catch coger
to eat comer
to commit cometer
to feel sorry, pity compadecer
to appear comparecer
to compel compeler
to compose, fix, repair, comprise componer
to comprehend, understand comprender
to concede, grant, bestow, award conceder
to know, be familiar with conocer
to contain contener
to contract contraer
to convince convencer
to run, race, hasten, go fast correr
to grow crecer
to believe creer
to owe, to ought to deber
to decrease decrecer
to defend defender
to demolish demoler
to depend depender
to depose deponer
to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of desagradecer
to disappear desaparecer
to descend descender
to decompose descomponer
to ignore, be unacquainted with, disown, shun, no longer know or be familiar with desconocer
to loosen up desentumecer
to become weak, wear out desfallecer
to work against, disfavor desfavorecer
to undo, dismantle deshacer
to criticize desmerecer
to disobey desobedecer
to untwist destorcer
to vanish desvanecer
to detain detener
to return, give back devolver
to dissolve disolver
to dispose, arrange disponer
to distract distraer
to hurt, be in pain doler
to exercise, perform, discharge ejercer
to embellish, make beautiful embellecer
to stultify embrutecer
to impoverish, make poor, break financially empobrecer
to praise enaltecer
to inflame, light up, go aflame enardecer
to increase in price, charge more encarecer
to burn, light, turn on encender
to harden, make har d endurecer
to make thin, to weaken, to thin out, to grow weak enflaquecer
to infuriate, make irate enfurecer
to drive crazy, madden, drive insane, distract enloquecer
to rust, mildew, go mouldy enmohecer
to go silent, to become mute enmudecer
to blacken, go dark, darken ennegrecer
to ennoble, make noble, reach nobility ennoblecer
to be proud of, grow proud enorgullecer
to enrich, grow rich, become rich enriquecer
to turn red, blush, enrojecer
to grow dark, darken, shade ensombrecer
to deafen, go deaf ensordecer
to understand entender
to get moved, be touched enternecer
to dull, blunt, make sluggish, delay, obstruct entorpecer
to entertain entretener
to sadden, make sad entristecer
to age, grow old envejecer
to cover, envelope, wrap up envolver
to choose, pick, vote escoger
to hide esconder
to establish establecer
to shake, make tremble, make shudder, thrill estremecer
to exceed exceder
to expose exponer
to extend, stretch, stretch out extender
to extract extraer
to pass away, decease, die, fade away fallecer
to favor, work in favor of, help, aid, support favorecer
to flower, bloom, blossom florecer
to fortify, strengthen fortalecer
to be luminous, phosphoresce fosforecer
to give shelter, protect, preserve from harm guarecer
to have [auxiliary verb] haber
to make, do hacer
to stink, smell bad heder
to dampen, moisten, wet, humidify humedecer
to impose imponer
to languish, pine away languidecer
to read leer
to rain llover
to maintain mantener
to earn, deserve, merit merecer
to insert, put in meter
to grind, mill moler
to bite morder
to move, make movements mover
to be born nacer
to obey obedecer
to get, obtain obtener
to offend ofender
to offer ofrecer
to smell oler
to opose oponer
to obscure, get dark, darken oscurecer
to suffer, undergo, be subjected to, experience padecer
to seem, appear, resemble parecer
to lose perder
to remain, stay, endure permanecer
to belong, pertain, concern pertenecer
to be able, "can" poder
to put, to place poner
to own, possess, hold poseer
to postpone posponer
to predispose predisponer
to switch on, grab, seize prender
to prevail prevalecer
to proceed proceder
to promise prometer
to promote promover
to protect, guard proteger
to provide proveer
to want, love querer
to reappear, show up again reaparecer
to soften, make soft, tenderize reblandecer
to gather, pick up recoger
to recognize reconocer
to feel guilty, remorse remorder
to remove remover
to resolve resolver
to shine brightly, glitter, glow, be resplendant resplandecer
to respond, answer, reply responder
to re-establish, restore restablecer
to retain, hold back, keep, catch, hold retener
to wring retorcer
to turn back, return revolver
to break, break up with, tear romper
to know, know how to, find out saber
to satisfy satisfacer
to be ser
to be accustomed to soler
to surprise sorprender
to sustain sostener
to suppose, assume, imply suponer
to crochet, weave, knit, braid tejer
to fear, be afraid of temer
to extend, spread out, stretch forth tender
to have tener
to twist, sprain, strain torcer
to cough toser
to bring traer
to be worth something valer
to sell, vend vender
to see ver
to pour, spill, shed verter
to return, go back volver
to lie, be lying down, be situated yacer
to juxtapose
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