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heart and blood vessels

what do capilleries do join veins and arteries
What is the outer layer of tough inelastic protein called collagen
What is the function of Collagen Prevents the walls from over expansion
What is Blood pressure the force the blood exerts against the walls of a blood vessel mainly the arteries
What is the use of valves control the direction of blood flow and prevent backflow
What is the location of the heart Torax cavity
What is the heart an involuntary muscle that is slow to tire
What is function of the tricuspid valve prevent backflow from right ventricle to right atrium
What is the function of Bicuspid valve prevent backflow from left ventricle to left atrium
What is the function of semi lunar valves Prevent backflow into ventricles
Name the double circulation systems Pulmonary circuit and Systemic circuit
Where does the Pulmonary circuit transport blood Heart-Lungs-Heart
Where does systemic circuit transport blood Heart-Body-Heart
Advantages of double circulation Keep oxygen rich and oxygen poor blood seperate Ensure blood pressure is high enough to get to all parts of the body
What is a portal vein and example A blood pathway that begins and ends in capilleries eg Hepatic portal vein links stomach and intestines to liver
What is another name for the pacemaker SA Node/Sino-atrial Node
Where is the Sino-Atrial Node loacted On the wall at the top of the right atrium
Where is the AV Node/Atriaventricular Node located In the septum between the right atrium and the right ventricle
What are the factors that increase the heart beat Exercise, Temperature, emotions eg love or fear , shock
What are the factors that decrease the heart beat Sleep,Alcohol, Relaxation
What is the lub dub sound caused by Valves being forced shut
What is a pulse A pulse is an alternate expansion and contraction of the arteries
What is the average pulse 72 beats per minute
What is the typical blood pressure is a young adult 120/80 mm of mercury
What effects the circulatory system smoking,diet and exercise
Where do arteries bring blood Away from the heart
Where do veins bring blood To the heart
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