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Unit 3 Ecosystems

Why would an animal migrate? to find more food
Name an animal that would not be able to breathe on land. fish, shark, dolphin
What are some abiotic components of an ecosystem? rocks, sun, soil, water, clouds
How does energy flow in an ecosystem? from the sun to producer to herbivore to omnivore to carnivore
What are some biotic factors in an ecosystem? grass, trees, bacteria, earthworms, ducks
What type of energy does a horse use when it gallops? chemical energy is transferred to motion energy and then some is lost as heat energy
What kind of energy does an organism receive from eating food? chemical energy
What are some examples of models? food web, food chain, water cycle
What are some examples of matter? tree, bicycle, rock
What are some examples of energy? motion, chemical and sound
What happens to energy within a system? it changes form
Why do long distance runners often eat a special snack partway through their run? to replace chemical energy that has been used
Where does the initial source of energy in a food chain come from? the sun
What happens when we consume more food than is needed? the extra chemical energy is stored in our body
What happens when you fill a cup to the top with water and then freeze it? It bulges over the top.
What are characteristics of physical properties? texture, color, melting point, boiling point, density, odor
The 3 main parts of an atom are? Proton, neutron and electron
Atoms are the building blocks of matter-true or false? True
Atoms are mostly empty space-true or false? True
There are over 100 different types of atoms-true or false? True
Does a chemical change result in a new product? Yes
Created by: Pamela Hebert