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U4 - PlantResponses

Plant responses and homeostasis

external stimulus a stimulus that comes from outside an organism
gravitropism another word for geotropism - when a plant grows as a reaction to gravity
gravity a force that pulls objects toward each other
hydrotropism a plants roots will grow toward water
negative geotropism the stem of a plant grows upward against the force of gravity
phloem the tissued that carries sugar and organic substances throughout the plant
phototropism a plant's response to light - usually grows toward the light
homeostasis maintaining a constant internal state in plant cells - when the correct temperature and water level is maintained for the plant
auxin a chemical hormone that affects how a plant grows towards sunlight
positive geotropism the roots of a plant grow downward in the direction of gravity
root system the plant's roots, which anchor it in soil, absorb and transport water and minerals - also stores food
shoot system the above ground portion of a plant body - the stems, leaves and flowers
stomata small openings in a leaf that open and close to conserve water
thigmotropism the turning or bending of a plant in response to touch
transpiration the release of gas from a plant's leaves
tropism the movement of a plant in response to an external stimulus in the environment
turgor pressure the pressure inside a plant cell caused by water in the central vacuole pushing against the cell wall
wilting the drying out, drooping and withering of leaves due to loss or lack of water
xylem tissue in a plant that carries water upward from the roots to every part of a plant
stimulus something in the internal or external environment of an organism that causes a response
response the reaction an organism makes because of a change in the environment
force a push or pull
geotropism also called gravitropism - a plant grow in response to gravity
stimuli the plural for stimulus
guard cells control the opening and closing of the stomata in a plant's leaves
transpiration water evaporating from a plant (water loss)
Oxygen and water Exit (leave the plant)
chemotropism a plant's response to chemicals
thermotropism a plant's response to temperature
sonotropism a plant's response to sound
electrotropism a plant's response to an electrical field
auxin a chemical plant hormone that causes a plant to bend toward the light
geo a prefix that means earth
thigmo a prefix that means touch
photo a prefix that means light
hydro a prefix that means water
vacuole the part of a cell that fills with water to create turgor pressure in plant cells
wilt/wilting what happens to a plant when there is low turgor pressure (loss of water)
Created by: Blackcat8765
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