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Cardiac Embryology

Cardiac Fall

The heart, blood vessels, & blood cells develop from what embryonic germ layer? splanchnic mesoderm
How long does it take to form the primitive heart tube? 22 days +/- 1 day
How does blood flow in the primitive heart tube? caudally to cephalic
What are the parts of the primitive heart tube from caudal to cephalic? Aortic sac/arches, truncus arteriosus, bulbus cordis, primitive left ventricle, primitive atrium, sinus venosus & embryonic cardinal veins
What does the Truncus arteriosus become? the aortic/pulmonary septation & aortic & pulmonary trunks
What does the Bulbus Cordis become? right ventricle
What does the right sinus venosus become? The SVC & IVC
What does the left sinus venosus become? pulmonary veins & coronary sinus
What is considered normal looping of the heart? D-Looping/Dextral looping- to the right
Levocardia apex of the heart is situated on the left side of the body
dextrocardia apex of the heart is situated on the right side of the body
How many aortic arch pairs are there? 6
What becomes of aortic arch III? It becomes the left & right common & internal carotids
What becomes of aortic arch IV? It becomes the right subclavian artery & the transverse aortic arch
What becomes of aortic arch VI? It becomes the pulmonary trunk & arteries, as well as the ductus arteriosus
When does septation begin? Day 28
When does septation end? end of Week 7
What initiates septation in the truncus arteriosus? neural crest cells
What grows from the apex of the ventricle up toward the atrioventricular canal? IVS
What develops at the atrioventricular canal & eventually joins the IVS? endocardial cushion tissue
What is the opening between the ECT & IVS before they join? Interventricular foramen
What is the first partition to appear in the atrium? septum primum
The ECT develops & extends toward the septum primum, but does not connect. What is the hole between called? foramen primum or ostium primum
What is the second partition to form in the atrium? septum secundum
The septum primum forms a flap over this? foramen ovale
What acts as a shunt allowing blood to pass directly from the RA to the LA? foramen ovale
What is the only fetal vessel to carry fully oxygenated blood? umbilical veins
What are the 3 fetal shunts? ductus venosus, foramen ovale, & ductus arteriosus
What do these shunts become following birth? ligamentum venosum, fossa ovalis, & ligamentum arteriosum
List order of fetal circulation beginning with placenta. Placenta to umbilical vein to ductus venosus to IVC to RA to foramen ovale to LA to LV to Aorta to internal iliacs to umbilical arteries back to placenta; some blood goes from RA to RV to left pulmonary artery to ductus arteriosus to aorta
What is the only organ to receive fully oxygenated blood in fetal circulation? liver
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