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Artistry of hairstyling in cosmetology.

Five elements of design are space, form, line, texture, and color.
The area of a hairstyle occupies inside the form refers to its space.
Space is three-dimensional, it has length, width, and depth.
Line creates the form, design, and ________ of a hairstyle movement.
The four basic types of style lines are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curved.
A horizontal line creates width.
Curved lines repeating in opposite directions are waves.
Contrasting lines are reversed for clients with the ___________ to carry off a strong look personality.
An example of a single line design is a one-length hairstyle.
Transitional lines are usually curved.
The illusion of _______ is created by alternating warm and cool or light and dark colors texture.
When light and dark colors are used together, the darker hair seems to recede below the surface.
Light or warm colors in the top or bang area creates length.
In order to reflect the most light, straight hair is usually cut and styled in one length.
The actual surface quality of the hair is referred to as texture.
The maximum number of different textures to use in a design is three.
Use curly textures to soften square or rectangular features.
The five art principles important for hair design are proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony.
The ideal ration for hairstyle design is either 3 parts face to 2 parts hair or 2 parts face to 3 parts hair.
The proportion of 3 parts face to 2 parts hair is used when the client wants attention to the face.
To measure symmetry, divide the face into four equal parts.
Opposite sides of the hairstyle are a different length or volume if the design is asymmetrical.
A example of a fast rhythm pattern is tight curls.
When the design starts out with a large pattern that changes to a smaller one, it is called decreasing rhythm.
A boring hairstyle is sometimes created when __________ is used. only one rhythm.
The place the eye sees first in a hairstyle is called the point of emphasis.
The most important of the art principles is harmony.
If a client has a narrow forehead and wide jaw and chin line (or a pear-shaped face), the aim is to create the illusion of width in the forehead.
The basic parting for bangs is triangular.
The middle third of the face consists of the eyes and the nose.
The square facial type can be identified by the square jawline and straight hairline.
The most flattering style for the pear-shaped face includes height.
A narrow forehead may be made to look wider using highlights at the temples.
The hair parting used to make thin hair appear fuller is the side part.
Created by: mfetters0993