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Blood Ch 25


What is plasma Plasma is the liquid part of the blood
Name two things plasma is made up of Water Proteins Dissolved materials eg glucose,amino acids,minerals
What is the role of plasma Transport dissolved materials Eg glucose,amino acids, minerals, vitamins, salts, carbon diixide, urea, hormones Carries heat
What is serum Serum is plasma from which the clotting proteins have been removed
Where are red blood cells produced Bone marrow
What is the role of red blood cells Transport oxygen
What is another name for white blood cells Leucocytes
Role of white blood cells Defend the body against infection and fight infections present in the body
Name the types of white blood cells Phagocytes Lymphocytes
What are lymphocytes Made in bone marrow Comprise of 25% of all blood cells Live for between 3 months and 10 years
What is a function of lymphocytes Make antibodies
What are phagocyte/monocytes/macrophage Formed in bone marrow 5% of white blood cells Survive for 6-9 days Kidney shaped nuclei
Function of phagocyte Scavenge throughout the body and surround and digest bacteria and other particles
What causes leukaemia White blood cells being reproduced too quickly and immature
What are platelets Produced in the bone marrow from large cells Breakdown to produce cell fragments called platelets Smaller than a red blood cell
Role of platelets Clot the blood
Functions of blood clots Reduce the loss of blood Prevent the entry of microorganisms ie pathogen
What is pathogen Pathogen is a disease causing organism
What can haemophiliacs not do Produce one or more clotting chemicals therefore cannot clot blood and may suffer from excessive bleeding
What is thrombosis When a blood clot may from and block a blood vessel
What does a clot in the brain or heart cause Brain- stroke Heart- heart attack
Name the four main blood groups A,B,AB,O
What blood group can group O transfer with All A,A,AB,
What is the Rhesus factor Found of the surface of red blood cells around 85% of people have it
What could happen if a pregnant woman has rhesus negative and the baby is rhesus positive First child is fine But any further rhesus positive child may be anemiac,brain damaged or still born
What treatment is available Special immune globulins called RhoGHAM
Created by: eimeardoyle2014