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kituba words

muklisto Christian
mwa fyoti un petit peu; ça va un peu
mu ke na kimbevo I am sick
mwana ya kento girl
mwana ya bakala boy
dibuundu assembly
kuluntu, mukengi diacre
musyoni missionary
muvungi pastor
mukengi elder, guard, sentinel
kisadisi deacon, employer,
bakala husband
kento wife
mwana ya munu my child
Yinzo ya Nzambi Church, house of God
lusambulu prayer
kisika place, milieu
bisika nyonso everywhere
kisika ya kulala dortoir
kisika ya nkaka elsewhere, another place
nkaka, (kaka) other, else
muntu ya nkaka someone else
kaka only
kasi but
kana if
kukanga to close
kufungula to open
kusambila to pray
kusakumuna to bless
kusadisa to help
kunwa to drink
kudya to eat
kukembila to adore, to glorify
banzimbu songs
kuyimba to sing
disumu sin
masumu sins
kusumuka to sin
kuzonza to speak (chat)
kutuba to say, to talk
kusala to work, to do
Mufundi Accuser, plaintiff
bola (kubola) To rot, to soak
Mvula ya ndolo Torrential rain, flood
Ndolo Rainy season ☔
kukwenda To go
kubatika, kubadika to begin
kubanda to begin, to start, to set off, from
kubanda ntangu yayi from now on
kubanda na zulu tii na yinsi from top to bottom
kutambula to walk
kuyoka to burn
kulamba to prepare, to cook
kulambila to prepare food for.., to prepare food in or with the help of something
kulambisa to ask or order a dish
kunanguna to lift, to raise
kunanguna diboko to raise a hand, or arm
kunanguna makulu to walk more quickly, to lift one's feet
kulokota to gather
kuyidika to arrange, to make, to build, to craft
kuvanga to create (from nothing)
kutelama to raise oneself, to stand up
beno telama stand up
kuyimina to forbid someone something
kusonika to write
kudila to cry
kuvutuka to return, to come back
kuvutukila to return to go back
kuvwanda to sit, to be (past tense)
kusweka to hide (syn)
kubumba to hide, to mask, to hide away
kubumbama to be hidden, to be protected
kuteka to sell, to dip (water)
tekila na before (something)
kutekisa to sell, liquidate, to retail
kulunda to guard
kulonga to counsel, to teach, to reason
kulongisa to teach, to educate, to instruct
kulala to sleep
kuladisa, kulalisa to put to sleep, to put to bed
kusonga to indicate
kusongisa to show
kulakisa to show something to someone, to reveal, to demonstrate
kuluta, kulutila to pass, to surpass, to augment
kulutisa to let pass, to make pass, to transmit
kubwa to fall
kubwisa to drop or cause to fall
kudika to give (something) to eat, feed
kudikila to feed (in place of ..)
kunwika to give to drink, (breast feed)
kunwikisa to give a drink, make (someone) drink
kunwikila to give a drink (in place of...)
kusonikila to write for
kukanga to close, to attach
kukangila to attach (for or in place of someone)
kulonguka to learn (to be taught)
kukangama to be attached
kulosa to throw
kulosuka to fall (to be thrown)
kuyunduka to be fed
kuzola to love, to want, to desire
kuzolama to be loved, to be wanted
kuwisa convince, persuade, to make understand
kuwisana to agree, to understand one another
kututa to pile, to hit
kututana to be hit
kubika to leave, to desert
kubikana to stay
bikana mbote stay well (good-bye to the one staying)
kwenda mbote go well (good-bye to the one leaving)
kubuta to give birth to
kubutana to be born
kuyokana to be burned
kutala to see, to observe
kutalana to be seen
kupesa to give
kupesana to be given
kunwana to fight
kunwanina to defend
kunata to carry, to take
kunatisa to carry for someone
kuyimina to refuse, to forbid
kuvumina to respect
Created by: BevB



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