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Unit Assessment 2

A sodium atom has 11 electrons. If the sodium atom loses one electron, how many total energy levels will it have? 2
What group of elements is most likely to lose electrons to become cations? Alkali Metal
If an uncharged atom with three electrons loses one electron, what is the net charge on the resulting ion? +1
Magnesium (a metal) and oxygen (a nonmetal) combine to form magnesium oxide (MgO). The atoms are held together by strong electrostatic attractions between the positive and negative charges of the atoms. Which type of bond holds these atoms together? Ionic
Which elements are the least reactive? Noble Gases (right side of the periodic table)
Which pairing will most likely form an ionic bond: Carbon and Fluorine Fluorine and Chlorine Sodium and Chlorine Sodium and Carbon Sodium and Chlorine
Suppose atom X and atom Y are electrically neutral. If atom X has two protons, and atom Y has four protons, what can you conclude about X and Y? Atom Y has twice as many electrons as atom X. Atoms X and Y come from different elements.
The chemical bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a water molecule: results in an unusually strong bond results in a non polar molecule of water forms by a shared pair of electrons between H and O forms between the neutral poles of H and O Forms by a shared pair of electrons between hydrogen and oxygen.
What group of elements are most likely to gain electrons to become anions? Halogen
How many naturally occurring elements are there? 92
Why doesn't helium not typically form chemical bonds with other atoms or compounds? It has a filled outer shell with 2 electrons.
Which type of atom is the least stable? One that needs one electron to fill its outer shell.
What type of bond occurs between atoms with similar electronegativities? Non Polar Covalent
Two atoms are the same element if they have the same ________. Atomic Number.
What are compounds? Chemical substances made up between 2+ elements
Which of these are true: Matter can release and store energy through chemical reactions. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed through chemical reactions. Both Neither Both
Which statement is INCORRECT about the following chemical reaction: AX + BY → AY + BX: A. BY is a reactant. B. AY and BX are products. C. AX and BY are reactants. D. AX and BY are products. AX and BY are products
Correct: Decomposition usually involve a change in the pH of a substance Decomposition occur when 2 reactants combine to make a new product Energy is absorbed during a combustion reaction Synthesis occur when 2 reactants combine to make a new product Synthesis reactions occur when 2 reactants combine to make a new product.
A typical buffer is made of ___________________. A mixture of a weak acid and a weak base.
The pH of a solution will be more resistant to change if __________. A buffer is added
When acids are dissolved in water, they ________________. Dissociate into a negative ion and a hydrogen ion.
Where are strong acids found on the pH scale? 1
What is one way a strong acid differs from a weak acid? The strong acid has a higher concentration of hydronium ions.
What has a neutral pH of 7? Pure water.
A substance that dissociates into positive ions and hydroxide ions when dissolved in water is ______________ A base.
A pH of 2 is a characteristic of a _______________ strong acid.
A substance with a pH of 7.5 is a _________________ weak base.
What does pH measure? The concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.
Which is not true of pure water: It is neither basic or acidic It is a neutral solution It has a pH of 7 The concentration of hydroxide ions is zero. The concentration of hydroxide ions is zero
The fact that a glass can be filled above the rim with water is due to water's ___________________. Surface Tension.
Which of the following would a hydroxide ion most likely be attracted to? C6H12O6 H20 OH- K+ K+
Which of the following is incorrect for water: Ability to moderate temp Ability to adhere to other substances Ability to contract when freezing Ability to dissolve a wide variety of substances Ability to contract upon freezing
Why is a "shell of hydration" important to life? It allows a variety of substances to dissolve in and around cells.
Which of the following is not due to water's surface tension? Water leaking from a faucet in drops An insect walking across the surface of a pond Water forming beads on the surface of a newly waxed car Ice floating on the surface of water Ice floating on the surface of water
What does specific heat index refer to? The amount of energy required to heat one gram of a substance by one degree Celsius.
Alcohol (ethanol) has a higher specific heat index than water. Based on this information only, what can you conclude? The temperature of alcohol increases more slowly than water when they are equally heated.
Water is found in which of the following states at Earth's surface? Liquid, Solid, Gas
Which of the following represents a hydronium ion? H3O+
Hydroxide contains what kind of charge? Negative
What are the 2 ions that water molecules can dissociate into? Hydroxide ion and hydronium ion
Why is a water molecule polar? The oxygen atom attracts electrons more strongly than the hydrogen atoms do.
What is the definition of organic compound? A compound that contains carbon atoms bound to other elements.
Which of the following might be an important use of synthesizing organic compounds in a lab? To create novel medicines or therapeutics To determine the structure of a natural organic compound by recreating it in the lab Both Neither Both
Where does ATP transport energy? From exergonic reactions to endergonic reactions.
Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions by ______________. Lowering the activation energy of the reaction.
What do nucleic acids and phospholipids have in common? They both contain phosphate groups.
Based on the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats, the difference between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is ________. Monounsaturated fats have fewer C=C bonds than polyunsaturated fats
Enzymes that catalyze endergonic reactions are likely to bind to ____________. ATP
Which is FALSE: Enzymes are made up of amino acids. Enzymes make otherwise slow reactions proceed more quickly. Enzymes provide energy for endergonic reactions. Enzymes are usually specific for the chemical reactions they catalyze. Enzymes provide energy for endergonic reactions.
What is the distinction between organic molecules and inorganic molecules? Organic molecules are composed primarily of carbon atoms bound to other atoms and most inorganic molecules are not.
Which is false concerning inorganic compounds? they are composed mainly of atoms other than carbon they are typically produced by living organisms they are not produced by living organisms metals and rocks contain inorganic compounds They are typically produced by living organisms.
Anna stated that carbon monoxide could not be organic because it is a gas. What is wrong with her statement? Organic molecules can be gases
Which of the following elements is not a component of carbohydrates? Oxygen Nitrogen Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen
What would likely happen if a cell ran out of ATP? Endergonic reactions could not take place inside the cell.
A useful model for enzyme action is the: amino acid chain model. double helix model. ball and socket model. the lock and key model. Lock and Key model
Identify the following equation: H2 → 2H+ + 2e− Oxidation
In which condition have scientists measured absolute zero? Outer space A lab Both Neither Neither
Wood is burned to heat a house. This is an example of the conversion of ______________ to __________________. Chemical to thermal
Thermal energy is transferred from _________________________. A hotter body to a colder body
Which is not kinetic energy? an apple hanging from a tree branch a roller coaster climbing a hill a car rolling down a hill a pencil falling An apple hanging from a tree branch
Which of the following will be reduced in this reaction? Fe + Cu2+ → Fe2+ + Cu Cu2+
Suppose an ion gains an electron. Which of the following happens to the oxidation state of the ion? It is reduced
Which of these is the best definition of all forms of energy? The ability to do work The vibration of molecules The breaking of chemical bonds A universal constant The ability to do work
Heat is released when fossil fuels are burned. This is an example of conversion from ___________________. Chemical to thermal
Potential energy is based on an object's _____________. Position
ATP is broken down to ADP and phosphate when two amino acids are joined together to form a peptide. The coupling of ATP breakdown to peptide formation illustrates the coupling of ________. An exergonic reaction (ATP breakdown) to an endergonic reaction (peptide synthesis)
An oven heats materials by transferring which form of energy to the materials? Thermal
A ball is sitting at the top of a hill. The ball starts rolling down the hill. This demonstrates the conversion of Potential energy to kinetic energy.
ADP + Pi → ATP is best classified as which type of reaction? Endergonic
Created by: JustEmma
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