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Bl11 Uned 2

Giving Opinions Speaking Frame: Unit 2

Yn fy marn i In my opinion
Dw i’n meddwl bod I think that
Credaf fod I believe that
Dw i’n anghytuno I disagree
Mae’n well gyda fi I prefer
Does dim ots gyda fi I don’t care
Does dim pwynt / pwrpas There’s no point / purpose
Baswn i’n I would
Hoffwn i I would like
Pe bawn i’n gallu If I were able to
Dylen ni (Dylen ni gael...) We should (We should have...)
Dylai fod There should be
Gallen ni We could
Es i I went
Ces i I had
Gwyliais i I watched
Mwynheuais i I enjoyed
Mwynheuon ni We enjoyed
Roeddwn i’n arfer I used to
Fy hoff ___ ydy My favourite ___ is
Ei hoff His / her favourite
Fy nghas My worst
Roedd hi’n arfer She used to
Gwyliodd hi She watched
Cafodd e / o He had
Aethon ni We went
Galla i I could
Ei gas His/ Her worst
Eu hoff Their favourtie