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Chapter 6


dolazati come, arrive
putovati (putuje) travel
ići (ide) go
odlaziti leave
bolnica hospital
hotel hotel
grad city, town
kino cinema
škola school
otok island
plaža beach
sjever north
jug south
istok east
zapad west
kafić cafe bar
park park
planina mountain
trg square
na fakultet to university
na more to the seaside
na posao to work
na praznike on holidays
na put on a trip
na selo to the countryside
koncert concert
nogomet football
odmor vacation
sastanak meeting
rođendan birthday
sunce sun
szrak (fresh) air
danas today
sutra tomorrow
uskoro soon
sljedeće godine year
sljedeći mjesec month
sljedeći tjedan week
blizu close, near
daleko far away
dalje further, away
unutra inside
ovamo here
natrag / nazad back
van outside
tamo there
kamo where (to)
Created by: Cvetano