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The Cell Continued

Differences between animal and plant cells cell walll, chloroplast and large vacuole
prokaryotic cells? have no membrane bound organelles and no nucleus i.e. bacteria
Eukaryotic cells? have membrane bound organelles and have a nucleus
what is tissue culture? the growth of tissues in or on an artificial medium outside the organism
what is artifical medium? a substance that contains all the nutrients necessary for growth of bacteria and fungi i.e. agar
in vitro outside the body (IVF)
in vivo inside the body
what is tissue culture used for? cancer research, growth of skin graphs
a cell basic unit of a living thing e.g. muscle cell
tissue? a group of similar cells with the same function e.g. muscle tissue
function of dermal tissue to protect
function of ground tissue storage
function of vascular tissue transport
function of meristem tissue growth
function of muscle tissue to contract
adaptions for contractions? elastic -> tapered cells can lenghten and shorten and more mitrochondria in each cell = more respiration= more energy
what is an organ? a group of different tissues working together to carry out a function e.g. heart
what is an organ system? a number of organs working together to carry out a particular function e.g. circulatory system
what are haploid cells? 1 set of chromosomes..n=23 (egg and sperm)
what are diploid cells? 2 sets of chromosomes...2n= 46 (every other cell)
the 2 stages of cell cycle? interphase and mitosis
what is interphase? this is when DNA is replicated and the cell increases in size and the chromosome number doubles
What are the 4 stages of mitosis Prophase, metaphase , anaphase and telephase
what is mitosis? is the nuclear division of a parent cell into 2 identical daughter nuclei
in telephase what happens to the plant cells? clevage furrow forms
what happens in plant cells in telephase? cell plate turns into cell wall
what is the result of mitosis? 2 identical daughter nuclei are formed and number of chromosomes stays the same
what is the function of mitosis in single cells is used for reproduction
what is the function of mitosis in multicellular organisms? growth
where does mitosis happen in plants meristem
where does mitosis happen in animals growing parts
what is meiosis? is the nuclear division of a parent cell into 4 unidentical daughter nuclear
what is the result of meiosis? chromosome number is halved, produce 4 daughter nuclei, daughter nuclei are genetically different
function of meiosis? makes a haploid cell for reproduction, genetic variation
where does meiosis happen in animals? ovary and testis
where does meiosis happen in plants? anther and ovule
what is cancer? the uncontrolled division of cells
what is cancer caused by? UV radiation, smoking and asbestos
Created by: amykavanaghh