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endodontic instrumen

locate opening of small canal orifices for endo procedure endo explorer
to curet inside of tooth to base of pulp chamber long shank endo spoon excavator
to grasp and lock material for transfer into and out of oral cavity locking cotton forceps (pliers)
to measure files, reamers, other instruments endo millimeter ruler (ring)
to carry and dispense irrigating solution into canal for cleansing endo irrigating syringe
to remove pulp tissue from canal broach (red handle)
to clean inside of walls of canal and to contour k-file (4 C-black handle)
to clean inside of walls of canal, enlarge and smooth inner walls hedstrom
to cut and smooth dentinal walls of canal and to enlarge inner walls reamer
to place on file or reamer to help determine length of canal endo stoppers
to dry pulp chambers of canal sterile absorbent paper points
to enlarge walls of pulp chamber and open canal orifice gates glidden
to fill pulp chamber after completion of pulp prep gutta percha
help condense gutta-percha laterally in canal and used during final filling endo spreader
to condense gutta-percha, sever excess gutta-percha, carry and place material into tooth glick
provide indirect vision, retract lips, cheek and tongue, reflect light into the mouth mouth mirror
stabilize tooth structure and placed in canal for crown retention post
storage for various intra-canal instruments endo sponge
temporary filling cavit
destroys bacteria and preserves a thin layer of pulp tissue to control hemorrhage formo cresol
to stabilize endo film(s) endo XCP-Plastic
indirect or direct pulp capping (to medicate canal) calcium hydroxide
used to make hole for post post drill
used to mix various dental materials mixing spatula
lubricant for endo files endo gel
preps the canal root canal prep
prevent micro-leakage in canal tubli-seal
assist in measuring canal length working film
storage for unexposed films (double/single films) X-ray Film packet
control moisture in the oral cavity rubber dam
to hold patient's mouth open during dental procedures bite block
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