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Bio CH8

Biology CH8 Complex Animals

amphibian an animal that lives part of its life underwater and another part of its life on land
antennae appendages of the head that are used for sensing smell and touch
appendage a structure that grows out of an animal’s body
bony fish fish that have skeletons made mostly of bone
cartilage a tough, flexible tissue that supports and shapes the bodies of some fish and some animal parts
cartilage fish jawed fish in which the entire skeleton is made of cartilage
chordate an animal that, at some time in its life, has a tough, flexible rod along its back
cold-blooded having a body temperature that changes with the temperature of the surroundings
compound eye eyes with many lenses
endoskeleton a skeleton on the inside of the body
exoskeleton a skeleton on the outside of the body
gill a structure used by fish and some other animals to breathe in water
hibernation a state of being inactive during cold weather
jawless fish fish that have no jaws and are not covered with scales
jointed-leg animal an invertebrate with an outside skeleton, bilateral symmetry, and jointed appendages
mammal an animal that has hair and feeds milk to its young
mammary gland body parts that produce milk
molting shedding an exoskeleton
reptile an animal that has dry, scaly skin and can live on land
spiny-skin animal an invertebrate with a five-part body design, radial symmetry, and spines
tube feet parts of a starfish that are like suction cups and help the starfish move, attach to rocks, and get food
warm-blooded having a body temperature that is controlled so that it stays the same no matter what the temperature of the surroundings
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