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Chapter 6 Vocab

Amylase An enzyme that functions to break down the polysaccharide amylose (plant starch) to the disaccharide maltose
Assay A test
Activity Assay An experiment designed to show a molecule is conducting the reaction that is expected
Concentration Assay A test designed to show the amount of molecule present in a solution
Investigational New Drug (IND) application A document to the FDA to allow testing of a new drug or product in humans.
Pharmacokinetic (PK) assay An experiment designed to show how a drug is metabolized (processed) in the body
Pharmacodynamic (PD) Assay An experiment designed to show the biochemical effect of a drug on the body
Potency assay An experiment designed to determine the relative strength of a drug for the purpose of determining proper dosage
Toxicology assay An experiment designed to find what quantities of a drug are toxic to cells, tissues, and model organisms
Stability Assay An experiment designed to determine the conditions that affect the shelf life of a drug
Direct ELISA An ELISA where a primary antibody linked with an enzyme recognizes an antigen and indicates its presence with a colorimetric reaction
Indirect ELISA An ELISA where a primary antibody binds to an antigen and then a secondary antibody linked with an enzyme recognizes the primary antibody- the antigen presence and concentration is indicated by the degree of colorimetric reaction
PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoride, a high molecular weight flurocarbon with dielectric properties that make it suitable for Western blots because it is attractive to charge proteins
Nitrocellulose A modified cellulose molecule used to make paper membrane for blots of nucleic acids and proteins
Herbal Remedies The products developed from plants that exhibit or are thought to exhibit some medicinal property
Antimicrobial A substance that kills or slows the growth of one or more microorganisms
Antiseptic An antimicrobial solution, such as alcohol or iodine, that is used to clean surfaces
Nutraceutical A food or natural product that claims to have health or medicinal value
Transfection The genetic engineering, or transformation, of mammalian cell lines
Formulation The form of a product, as in tablet, powder, injectable liquid, etc.
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