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stock market terms


stock a piece of ownership of a company
share one individual piece of stock
Dow Jones an averaged number representing the values of 30 U.S. "blue-chip" stocks. The DJIA is the most well-known market indicator in the world
Nasdaq refers to two different things. First is the largest electronic stock market in the U.S. Second it is the popular stock index
Big Board another name for the New York Stock Exchange
S&P 500 a stock index published by Standard & Poor's. It measures 500 U.S. stocks that are supposed to be representative of the overall stock market
bull market occurs when stock prices are rising faster than their historical averages. It can last months or even years.
bear market occurs when stock prices are falling faster than their historical averages. It can last months or even years. It is the opposite of a bull market.
market crash when stock prices have dropped dramatically. One of the worst crashes was Black Tuesday, which occurred on October 29, 1929 and led to the Great Depression
insider trading when anyone, including employees, trades using non-public company information. This is considered illegal
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