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Thai Vowels

_า(_) long aah (medial or final)
ำ Short but live, final "ahm" as in "Tom" or "America". Note: can become long in high tone words.
แ_ะ Final, short æ as in "apple"
แ_ Long æ as in halfway between "mem" and "ma'am" (medial or final)
เ_ะ Final, short eh as in "meh" (with just a hint of "may")
เ็_ Medial, short eh/ay as in halfway between "take" and "tech"
เ_อ Long "eu" as in "leurs" or "burn". Note: usually final, this spelling is occasionally medial.
เ_ิ_ Medial, long eu as in the French "bleu"
_ะ Final, short "ah" as in "nama rupa" or "Papa John's"
_ั_ Medial, short "ah" as in "lot"
ุ Short "oo" as in "boot"
ู Long "oo" as in "loo"
โ_ Long "oh" as in "loan"
โ_ะ Short, final "oh" as in "go"
ิ Short ee as in "tea"
ี Long ee as in "cheesy"
ึ Short "ü" or "eu" or "ɯ" as in "du champ"
ื Long, medial "ɯ/ü/eu" as in "du Paul".
_ือ Long, final "ɯ/ü/eu" as in "du Paul"
เ_อะ Short, final e/uh as in the French "le" or "de" (or maybe the "e" at the end of "grudge")
เ_ Long eh/ay as in halfway between "may" and "meh". Note: not a dipthong!
_็อ_ Short, medial aw/or as in "Lawton"
เ_าะ Short, final aw as in "raw" (with just a hint of "roar")
_อ(_) Long "aw/or" as in halfway between "raw" and "roar" (medial or final)
_็(_) Long "aw/or" as in halfway between "raw" and "roar" (only used in one word)
แ_็_ Short, medial "æ" as in "bat" (with a hint of "bet")
_รร Final, short but live "ahn" as in "flan"
_ัวะ Final, short "oo+ah" diphthong. Sounds like "what" with a glotal instead of the "t". Note: occasionally this vowel is written simply as the glide "_ว" (with an implied -ะ "ah")
_ว_ Medial, long "oo+ah" diphthong as in "luau"
เ_ือ(_) Long "-üa-" diphthong (-eua-). Can be medial or final.
เ_ือะ Short, final "-üa" diphthong. Sounds something like "pure".
เ_ียะ Short, final "-ia" diphthong like "ear" with a glotal stop instead of the r
เ_ีย(_) Long "-ia-" diphthong as in "mia". Can be medial or final.
เ_า Short but live final "ah+oo" diphthong as in "tao". Note: can become long in high tone words.
_าว Long "ah+oo" glide as in "Lao"
ไ_ย Rare, short "-ai" glide used in "Thai"
ใ_ Final, short "-ai" diphthong used in only 20 words
ไ_ The most common, short, final "-ai" diphthong (sounds like "hi!"). Remember: like all -ai endings, it's alive and becomes long when high tone.
_ัย Uncommon phonetic spelling of the terminal, short "-ai" sound
_าย Long "-ah+ee" glide. Sounds like "bye!"
เ_ย Long, final "-üi". Maybe "Bernie" without the "n"
_ิว Short (but alive) "-iu" glide. Sounds something like "new" (with a bit of "Neo" but not that long)
_็อย Short but live (!) final "-aw+yi". Sounds like "toy"
_อย Long "-aw+yi" glide. "Oy! Come back!" or "aw yeah!" minus the "eah"
โ_ย Long "-oh+yi" glide as in "boy"
_ุย Short but live, final "-oo+ee" as in "buoy"
_ึย Short, final "-eu+yi" glide as in "Louie"
เ_ว Long "-eh/ay+oh" glide. ("Heyo!")
เ็ว Short but live, final "-eh+oo" "-eo" glide.
แ_ว Long "-æo" glide. (æ as in "apple")
แ็ว Short "-æo" glide. (æ as in "apple")
_วย Short (!) but live triphthong "-oo+ah+ee" as in "why"
_ัว Long, final "-oo+ah" diphthong (as in "luau" without the last "w" sound or "sewer" cut short)
เ_ือย Long "-eu+ah+ee" triphthong / glide.
เ_ียว Long "-ee+ah+oo" triphthong as in Liao
_วาย Long "-oo+ah+ee" triphthong as in "Kwai"
_รร_ Short, medial "ah" used sometimes (esp in Sanskrit terms) instead of ั
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