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Lakeview K Vocab

Only K words

add (addition) to find the sum of two or more numbers
author the writer of a book, play, article, or poem
change to become different or to make different
compare to judge one thing against another and notice similarities and differences
day a 24-hour period, from midnight to midnight
different not the same
fact a piece of information that is true
graph a diagram that shows the relationship between numbers and amounts
group a number of things that go together or are similar in some way
illustrator the person who draws pictures
less smaller, or in smaller quantities
living alive now; not dead
math the study of numbers
month one of the 12 parts that make up a year
more greater in number, size, or amount
most greatest in number, size, or amount
number a word or symbol used for counting and for adding and subtracting
opposite located or facing directly across
pattern a repeating arrangement of colors, shapes, and figures
rhyme words which end with the same sounds
seasons one of the four natural parts of the year
senses powers a living being uses to learn about its surroundings: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell
size the measurement of how large or small something is
sort to arrange or separate things into groups
today the present day or time
tomorrow the day after today
weather the condition of the outside air at a particular time and place
week a period of seven days
year the period of time in which the earth makes one complete trip around the sun; about 365 days
yesterday the day before today
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