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Caliber Persistent Artery

What is Caliber Persistent Artery? - Prominent inferior labial artery. Main arterial branch extends up into the superficial submarginal tissues without reduction in its diameter.
Caliber Persistent Artery Clinical Features - Patient will describe a lateral or vertical pulsating sensation in the lesion. - Patient may occasionally notice an increase in pulse volume in the lip which is typically asymptomatic.
Caliber Persistent Artery Demographics - Found more frequently in older adults due to loss of muscle and tissue tone in the surrounding supporting connective tissues. - Average age of diagnosis is 58 years old. - No gender predilection, equal distribution between males & females
Caliber Persistent Artery Lesion Terminology - Manifests as a linear or papular raised lesion on the lip. Mucosal colored (sometimes blue), typically localized, and can affect both the upper and lower lips.
Caliber Persistent Artery Lesion Appearance - Displays parakeratotic acanthotic stratified squamous epithelium showing a normal pattern of maturation. - The underlying submucosa is loosely collagenized & is remarkable for a large caliber vascular channel lined by smooth muscle.
Caliber Persistent Artery Lesion Differential Diagnosises - Various vascular abnormalities such as Varix, Hemangioma, and Mucocele. - Varices involves swollen veins & tortuous. - Hemangiomas are benign tumors, display a strawberry mark. - Mucocele is a salivary land disorder caused by mechanical injury.
Caliber Persistent Artery Treatment Options - Upon confirmation of diagnosis as caliber persistent artery, no treatment is necessary. - If uncertain of diagnosis, biopsy is suggested though bleeding at the site will be exhibited upon removal of lesion.
Created by: habrahim