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"mini" ocean; salty like oceans seas
land underwater that border continents continental margins
holds oil and natural gas; a lot of ocean life is here continental shelf
the dramatic drop off continental slope
deepest depression that holds the earth's water ocean basin
long narrow openings in the ocean floor; the deepest part of the ocean trenches
the ocean floor that is flat and most level abyssal plain
under water volcanoees sea mounts
rock like structures formed in shallow water by colonies of tiny sea animals; shell like part of body left behind coral reef
ring shaped coral reef that is surrounded by a body of water and is attached to an under water volcano atoll
water flows but moves slower waves
a breaking wave circles to ellipse - water slows and wave heightens - top becomes very heavy breaker
when wave breaks in open sea due to strong winds white caps
the size of the wave is not affected by the... salinity of the water
a rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening is called a... rip current
to reduce erosion along a strip of beach, you might build a short wall called a.... groin
jetti rock wall version of groin
dunes reduce beach erosion because the roots of the dune plants hold the sand inplace
tides are caused by the inter action of the earth, moon, and sun's gravity
salinity is the measure of dissolved salts
what is the most abundant salt in the sea water sodium chloride
which area in the ocean will have the least salinity a bay at the mouth of a big river
the densest water is generally found in the deep zone
a large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans is called a current
the movement of cold water to replace warm water at the surface upwelling
a technique that uses sound waves to measure the depth of the ocean foor sonar
what does not make studying the ocean floor difficult salinity of the water
a deep canyon in the floor trench
benthos live on the continental shelf
an example of a nekton is a dolphin
organisms that live in the rocky intertidal zone are adapted to cling to the rocks to withstand the pounding of the waves
as the ocean water in a tide pool evaporates the water become saltier
the part of the ocean that extends from the low tide line to the edge of the continental shelf is the neritic zone
the organisms that form the most open-ocean food webs are plankton
organisms that produce their own light bioluminescent
the area that stretches down the highest tide line on land out to the point on the continental shelf exposed by the lowest low tide is called the intertidal zone
the neritic zone is part of the ocean located above the continental shelf
tsunamis are caused by earthquakes
a wall of rocks built outward from a beach is called a jetti
the daily rise and fall of earth's coastlines are called tides
black lumps of manganese is called manganese noguals
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