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Chapter 10

Automatic feeder Feeder that is time controlled providing correct amounts of feed set at internals through the day.
Coolwater species Fish that spawn in temperature below 55 degrees F examples is trout and salmon
Demand feeder An instrument that supplies to fish via a paddle or a chord that the fish activate. This allows fish to eat when they are hungry. It prevents waste.
Extruded A method of producing floating fish food by push it through a die to produce a certain shape.
Feed conversion ratios The average number of pounds of feed needed to gain one pound in weight of the fish.
Humectants A food additive that is used to prevent moisture loss and prevent bacterial growth.
Least-cost Method of feed formulation where the formula varies as ingredient prices change to maximize profit.
Microencapsulation A coding of small feed particles that is insolvable in water to prevent break down of food in water.
Mycotoxins Positions delivered from fungus
Natural foods Plants and animals normally found in a pond or other water source where their production is enhanced by fertilization such as small fish or insects.
Planktonic Describes the total of passively floating, drifting, or somewhat motile organisms occurring in a body of water, primarily comprised of microscopic algae and protozoa eaten by fish
Premixes Supply of vitamins and minerals in diets with the variation is natamis content and availability of feedstuffs.
Proximate composition Analysis of protein fat and ashoentent of fish food.
Yolk sac A membranous sac containing yolk attached to the embryos of the larvae of some fish which is a source of nutrition for fish immediately after hatching.



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