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Piye kabare? How are you?
Jalaran because
Aku semaur I answered
Awas kowé be careful
Aku kélingan I remember
koyo ngono kuwi Yes like that
aku ngalami sakwijine wengi sing medeni that I had a very anxious evening
Bola-bali Aku Over and over i
rada Rather, quite
durung rampung Not finished yet
nglakoni Sinfull act
ana apa-apa anything
barang ala Evil things
ijik Isih / still
Okèh many
èneng some
Mlebu metu endi? Enter from where
mulane therefore
tak By me
Dutung teko Not yet arrived
mênêng / Aku mênêng wae. I didn't say/do anything.
Badane gluprut blêthok Body full of mud
Aja rubung-rubung nèng kene! Don't all stand around here
wanci apa, wektu opo What time of the day, when
Jèn bengi When its evening
Soqsoq sometimes
Esoqesoq, aku ados meneh In the morning, I take a bath again
Awan awan (miday) Suring the midday
Bengi bengi, aku ... during the evenings, I ...
Sore sore During the evening
adate usually
Soq soq aku turu wengi / Sometimes I go to bed late
Anaqku lanang, jenenge Queran My son’s name is Queran
Anaqku wedok, jenenge Quiera My daughter’s name is Quiera
Kowe wong Jowo You are Javanese
Kowe sinau esoq, opo bengi you study in the morning or evening
Jen bengi, gaweanmu opo When its evening, what is your activity
Bengi-bengi, aku soq sinau boso endoneisa utowo boso jowo In the evenings, I sometimes study Indonesia or jawa
Dino iki, today
Jen, neq, menowo (tompo) When you receive..
Turu awan Afternoon nap
Jo mesti koq / iJo tentu Yes of course.
Jo mestine ora koq Of course not.
Soq minggu ngarep Next week,
dandos Get dressed
Deq wingi esoq Yesterday morning
Deq minggu Last week
Deq/bareng /Jen / naliko / aku ciléq (specific time in the past When I was little
Deq opo \ deq kapan (When did) kowe teko When did you arrive?
Soq kapan / soq opo / kowe lungo (When will) When will you go
Kapan (when does) Kapan tutupé toko When does the store close.
Bareng, naliko kowe teko (when) surbordiate clause When you arrived....
Aku arep ndolani kancaku I want to visit my friend
Potong (hair cut) tukang potong barbarshop
Babar pisan Not at all
Ora tau I never
Lan rodo suwé For quite a while…
Deweke katoné tansah kesel He always looks tired
aku kepéngén nulungi kowe I want to help you
Dudu duweqku; neng duweqmu It’s not mine, it’s yours
Keponaqan lanang nephew
naqndulorku My cousin
Ibu moro tuwo My Mother in law
Ndandani to fix
Iki tembung anjar, seng aku durong tau krungu This is new word, which i have never heard
Tak-kiro / tak-pikir / kiraku I guess...
Aku becéq Had better
totocarané customs
Nuwon jo, aku kok—tulungi Thanks, you realy helped me.
(tindak tanduk) Tan dang tanduq mu ngisin i sini The way you act is embarrassing
Tandangtanduq mu kuwi ngisénisénaké wong tua mu your behavior is embarrassing to your parents
nurunuru rock to sleep
Aku ijek moco moco karo turun Just looking at a book while I laydown
Opo kowe arep Nuroq-nuroq-aké You want to be rocked to sleep
Saqkarepmu olèhmu takon Ask whatever you want
Saqkarepmu olèhmu kondo say whatever you want
Dhèwèke golèk alasan wêrna-wêrna, pokokè ora gêlêm lunga. (Main) He gives all kinds of reasons, but the fact is he doesn't want to leave
bengak-bengok Shout at
Rada (rodo) cukup quiet Rodo suwe
Let (pretty soon) Ora let suwe
Nyuwèni -hinder To Slow down somebody
ora nganti lêt suwe Not for long
Aja mangan kakeyan Don’t overeat
mung sanuruti nêpsu nêpsu. let your appetite be your guide.
Rê-ribut mau wis dibabad. The trouble is cleared up now
Ora susah kuwatir. No need to worry
Aku kulinané tangi awan. I am used to sleeping late.
Aku kulinané panganan pedus I am used to spicy food
Aku digunakaké panganan pedus I am used to spicy food
Created by: willfreer



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