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Explain the difference between the greenhouse effect, the enhanced greenhouse effect & global warming. The greenhouse effect - gases like CO in the atmosphere trap heat, keeping the earth warmer than it would be. The enhanced greenhouse effect - an increase in this effect, caused by an increase of CO & methane. Global warming happens, in which the temperat
Explain why reducing the top speed limit for cars & trucks would work to reduce global warming. This could reduce the amount of CO emitted in car exhausts.
Explain how improving traffic flow in urban areas would work to reduce global warming. This can reduce the time cars are on the road reducing the emissions of CO from their exhausts.
Explain how insulating the houses in countries with cold climates would work to reduce global warming. This can reduce the amount of fuel that is burnt, either in the house or in power stations. Burning fuels produces CO.
Explain how increasing the number of nuclear power stations would work to reduce global warming. This can reduce the amount of fossil fuel thats burnt in power stations. Nuclear power station dont produce CO.
Explain how encouraging people to recycle more of their rubbish would work to reduce global warming. This can reduce the amount of fuel used in factories where the materials in the rubbish are made.
What causes acid rain? Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides
How does acid rain damage trees? It reduces the PH of soil which makes it more difficult for trees to absorb the ions they need from the soil.
How does acid rain damage fish? It reduces the PH of lakes & increases the amount of aluminum ions which adversely affects the function of the gills.
Summarize what is being done to try to reduce the production of acid rain. Governments are trying to reduce the quantity of sulfur containing fossil fuels that are burnt especially in power stations. Gases from the burning of coal can be ‘scrubbed’ removing the sulfur dioxide from them.
List 2 substances that can cause eutrophication if they get into waterways. Untreated sewage & fertilisers
Eutrophication reduces the concentration of a dissolved gas in a river or lake. Name this gas. Oxygen
DDT is a persistent pesticide. Explain what is meant by this term. Its not broken down in an animals body. It increases in concentration in animals bodies as you go up the food chain.
Explain why throwing away a plastic bag is likely to cause more harm to the environment than throwing away a paper bag. Plastic bags aren't able to be decomposed by organisms. Instead they remain in the environment where they can cause problems such as being eaten by animals & staying undigested in their alimentary canals. Paper bags are easily broken down by decomposers.
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