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30 vocab words

Affluence Wealth,riches,prosperity;great abundance,plenty Synonyms: opulence Antonyms:poverty,want,destitution,scarcity
Amiable Friendly,good natured Synonyms:pleasant,agreeable Antonyms: unfriendly, ill-humored,gruff,hostile
Apparel Clothing that which serves as dress or decoration;(v)to put clothes on, dress up Synonyms:attire,garments,deck out Antonyms:undress,unclothe,strip,denude
Assailant A person who attacks violently ( with blows or words) Synonyms:assaulter, attacker,mugger Antonyms:victim,prey,injured party
Befuddle To confuse, make stupid Synonyms:bewilder,boggle,stupefy Antonyms:enlighten,set straight
Billow A large wave; (v) to rise or swell up Synonyms: Breaker,surge,bulge,balloon Antonyms:trough,deflate,collapse
Bluster To talk or actin a noisy threatening way; to blow in stormy gusts; (n) speech that is loud and threatening Synonyms:spout,rant,brag,swagger,bravado
Contemporary Belonging to the same period of time as oneself,(n) a person of the same time Synonyms:present-day,morden,current,peer Antonyms:ancient,prehistoric,antique,antiquated
Dispatch to spend off or out for a purpose kill,(n) an official message,promptness, speed the act of killing Synonyms:slay,report,communication Antonyms:recall, withhold
Fidelity the state of being faithful,accuracy in details,exactness Synonyms:loyalty,faithfulness Antonyms:disloyalty,treachery,inexactness
Fray a brawl, a noisy quarrel,(v) to wear away by rubbing,make ragged or worn,to strain,irritate Synonyms:scuffle,unravel
Gainful Profitable,bringing in money or some special advantage Synonyms:moneymaking,paying Antonyms:unprofitable,unrewarding,nonpaing
Gory marked by bloodshed, slaughter, or violence Synonyms:bloody,gruesome Antonyms:bloodless
Illusion A false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware or that really does not exist Synonyms: delusion,fantasy,deception Antonyms: Reality,truth,actuality
Manacle A handcuff, anything that chains or confines; (v) to chain or restrains(as with handcuffs) Synonyms:put in chains,fetter Antonyms: unchai,set free,emancipate,release
Oaf a stupid person,a big,clumsy,slow individual
Onset the beginning, start (especially of something violent and destructive) an attack, assault Synonyms: outside,commencement Antonyms:conclusion, close,end
Ovation An enthusiastic public welcome , an outburst of applause
Perishable Likely to spoil or decay
Petty unimportant trivial,narrow minded,secondary in rank minor Synonyms:insignificant,piddling Antonyms: important,major,significant,weighty
Quash To crush put down completely
Relish enjoy or satisfaction,something that adds pleasing flavor,to enjoy greatly
Rotund rounded and plump,full or rich in sound
Scour to clean or polish by hard rubbing to examine with care,to move about quickly in search
Strand a beach or shore,a string of wire,hair,ect,(v) to drive or run aground,to leave in a hopeless position
Terrain the landscape,especially considered with regard to its physical features or fitness for some use, a field of knowledge
Tribute something done or given to show thanks or respect a payment
Vagabond an idle wanderer a tramp (adj) wandering, irresponsible
Vow a solemn or sacred promise or pledge (v) to declare promise in a solemn way Synonyms: word of honor,pledge
Wither to dry up,wilt,sag,to cause someone to feel ashamed,humiliated,or very small Synonyms:Shrivel,droop,shame,abash Antonyms: bloom flower,flourish,burgeon
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