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Bl 10 Ffasiwn

Dw i’n cytuno gyda ti I agree with you
Dw i’n anghytuno gyda ti I disagree with you
Rwyt ti’n siarad sbwriel You are talking rubbish
Achos because
Dw i ddim yn hoffi’r I do not like the
Lliw colour
Achos mae’n hen ffasiwn/diflas/drud/blaen/ Because it is old fashioned/boring/ expensive/ plain
Baset ti’n you would
Baswn i’n I would
Edrych fel look like
I gloi to conclude
Mae rhaid i ni we must
Hoffwn i brynu/wisgo I would like to buy/wear
Rydyn ni’n meddwl/credu bod We think/believe that
Cytuno i anghytuno agree to disagree
Gywir correct
Yn y dyfodol in the future
Bydda i’n mynd i I will go to
Dillad clothes
siopau fel... shops like...
dillad... ...clothes
Yn fy marn i... In my opinion...
Mae'n well gen i... I prefer...
Mae'n ddrud It's expensive
Dydy dillad ffasiynol ddim yn bwysig Fashionable clothes aren't important