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Exam 3 Biol

Exam 3 Biology

Blue-footed boobies have webbed feet and are comincally clumsy when they walk on land. Evolutionary scientists view these feet as __. The outcome of a trade-off: Webbed feet perform poorly on land, but are very helpful in driving for food.
The core theme of biology, which explains both unity and diversity of life, is Evolution
Which of these is the best description of a virus? Chemical complexes of RNA or DNA protected by protein shell.
Which of the following statements would Darwin have disagreed with? Descent with modification occurs through inheritance of aquired characteristics.
Which of the following assumptions or observations is not part of Darqwin's idea of natural selection? Whether an organism survives and reproduces is almost enirely a matter of random chance.
develop breed doesnt bark. allows only the quietest dogs to breed. After 30 years of work has a new breed of dog with interesting traits, on average, the dogs still bark at about the same rate as other dog breeds. logical explanation for her failure? The tendency to bark is not a heritable trait.
Which of the following statement regarding natural selection is false? Natural selection starts with the creation of new alleles that are directed toward improving an organism's fitness.
Influenza strains that sweep around the world often carry names such as Shanghia H1N1 or Mexico City H2N2. The virus very in H and N surface proteins because When infected people develop immunity of the present virus, strains that mutate sufficiently to be outside the range of immunity are soon spread in highly populated areas.
The cycle of virial infection in which the viral DNA integrated into the host's DNA is called the ____ cycle. Lysogenic
Which of the following disciplines has found evidence for evolution based on the native distribution (locations) of living species? Geographic distrution
Bacterial cells pick up free pieces of DNA that were secreted by live bacteria or released from dead bacteria in their environment. This process is called. Transformation
Which of the following represents a pair of homologous structures? The wing of a bat and the flipper of a whale.
The ultimate source of any new alleles (genes) in a population's gene pool is due to: Mutation
The frequency of homozgous dominant individuals in a population that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is equal to P^2
A single gene controls wing color. Half of the moths have white-spotted wings (genotype WW or Ww) and half of the moths have plain brown wings (ww). How will p, the frequency of the dominant allele, change over time? p will neither increase nor decrease; it will remain more or less constant under the conditions described.
Genentic drift resulting from a disaster that drastically reduces population size is called The founder effect
A population of 1,000 birds exists on a small Pacific island. yellow recessive allele. green, dominant allele. A hurricane on the island kills most population. Only ten remain, and those birds all have yellow feathers. Which statements is true? The hurricane has caused a population bottleneck and a lost of genetic diversity.
30 people selected long-term mission to planet many light years away Earth. mission is successful, popu rapidly several 100 individuals. genetic diseases are unusually common in this group, gene pool different Earth popu. phenomena has left? The bottleneck effect.
Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by Gene flow
An elk herd is observed over many generations. full-grown bull elk have antlers of nearly the same size, few have antlers that are significantly larger or smaller than this average size. average antler size remains constant over the generations. Stabilizing selection
Specication, or the formation of new species, is A form of microevolution.
Under the biological species concept, a species is a group of organisms that Have the potential to inerbreed in nature and produce fertile offsprings.
The biological species concept is Sometimes difficult to put into practice even for present sexual organisms, and useless for asexual organisms and fossils.
Which provides the most general and correct description of the idea of a reproductive barrier? A biological difference between two species that prevents them from successfully interbreeding
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of species that could interbreed except that one mates at dusk and the other at dawn? Temporal Isolation
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of insect species that could interbreed except that one lives on goldenrod plants and the other on autumn daisies in the same general area? Habitat Isolation
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of moth species that could interbreed except that the females' mating pheromones are not attractive to the males of the other species? Behavioral Isolation
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates two species of sea cucumbers, whose sperm and eggs often bump into each other but do not cross-fertilize because of incompatible proteins on their surfaces? Gametic Isolation
Speciaction without geographic isolation is callled ____ speciation. sympatric
Diane Dodd raised different fruit fly populations on different food sources. She found that after about 40 generations the evolution of reproductive isolation was under way. The mechanism of evolution responsible for this was Natural Selection
Which statement is true about prokaryotes?
When conditions are unfavorable, some bacteria form Endospores
Prokaryotes are now divided into the Archaea and bateria
HIV latency is responsible for why some individuals can be HIV+ and not have AIDS True
Bacterial endospores are difficult to destory with heat. True
Which of the following ideas was most commonly held in the eighteenth century? The fixity of species
Cutting off the tails of mice over several generations should cause the tails of their offspring tot become shorter, according to the ideas of which of these scientists? Lamarck
A line of evidence NOT considered by Darwin in his development of the theory of natural selection is Comparative biochemistry
The organisms of the Galapagos Islands that were most important to the development of Darwin's theory of natural selection were. Tortoises and finches
Created by: Haleyannestes
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