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Apologia Human Body

Module 10

neurosecretory cells neurons of the hypothalamus that secrete neurohormone rather than neurotransmitter
prostaglandins biologically active lipids which produce many effects in the body, including smooth muscle contractions, inflammation, and pain
The ___________ system responds much more quickly than the __________________ system nervous, endocrine
The influence of the ____________________ system lasts longer than that of the ________________ system. endocrine, nervous
The nervous system controls ______________and ____________, while the endocrine system controls virtually every ___________ in the body. muscles, glands, cell
The nervous system is more _____________________ to repair than the endocrine system. difficult
Hormones must be carried in the blood. If a hormone can't dissolve in water, it will need a __________________________in order to be transported by the blood, which is mostly water. carrier protein
Hormones are eliminated by the _________________ in the urine and the ____________________ in the feces. kidneys, liver
Amines, steroids, peptide/proteins three types of hormones
___________________ stimulate membrane-bound receptors only because they are too big to get into the cell. peptide/proteins
_____________ stimulate intracellular receptors only, because the are fat-soluble and can diffuse right through the cell membrane. steroids
______________ stimulate both membrane-bound receptors and intracellular receptors, depending on the particular hormone. amines
In _______________________________, the nervous sytem innervates the gland with neurons. Those neurons secrete neurotransmitter to stimulate the gland to secrete the hormone, or the neurons secrete the hormone directly as a neurohormone. direct neural control
In _________________, one gland releases a hormone which will stimulate another gland to release a different hormone. hormone control
The level of a particular hormone in the body varies markedly, but can be predicted based on the day that it is measured. Which pattern of secretion is this? cyclic
When a hormone interacts with a receptor, stimulating the cell to synthesize and secrete a new protein, the receptor is _________________________. intracellular
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