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Exam 1 Biol

Exam 1 Biolog

Life is organized in a hierarchical fashion. Which of the following sequences correctly lists that hierarchy from least inclusive to most inclusive? Molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem
The tree in your backyard is home to two cardinals, a colony of ants, a wasp's nest, two squirrels, and millons of bacteria. Together, all of these organisms respresent. A community.
Your instructor asks you to look into your microscope to see a prokaryotic cell. You will be looking for a cell that. Has a membrane
Which of the following statements about ecosystems is false? Plants recycle energy in the form of photosynthesis.
Organisms that are prokaryotes are in the domains Bacteria and Archaea.
Which of the following concepts in NOT one of the unifying theories of biology? Life may arise through spontaneous generations.
Active transport Requires an input of ATP.
The channel protein that accouts for why water can cross a membrane more quickly than expected is Aquaporin
If a cell is placed in a hypotonic solution, which will occur? Water will more into the cell from the surrounding solution.
Plants show turgor pressure when Cells contain water vacuoles that are full of water.
The metabolic pathway at right involves how many possible chemical reaactions? A→ B → C→ D→ E ↘ F Five
A hydrophilic group is All of these are correct (a. attracted to water, b. a polar and/or an ionized group, c. found at end of fatty acid chains, d. the opposite of a hydrophobic group)
High-frutose corn syrup is made from corn. The main carbohydrate in corn is a polysaccharide called Starch
Living organisms are characterized by All of the above choices pertains to living organisms (a. adapting to the environment, b. evolving over time, c. displaying homeostatic controls).
A theory is An explanation of an idea that is broad in scope and supported by a large body of evidence.
Which of the following organells is found uniquely in autrophic, eukaryotic cells and not heterotrophic, eukaryotic cells? Chloroplast
What is the smallest unit of live matter? Cell
Which fo these is NOT a characteristic of carbon? Can form ionic bonds
The storage form of carbohygrates is _____ in animales and ____ and in plants. Glycogen, Starch
ATP is considered to be A molecule that carries a great deal of chemical energy in a chemical bond.
Of the following, which process will NOT denature a proein? A. Heating to temperture above 100C B. Addition of strong acids or strong bases C. Phosphorylation D. Addition of distilled water E. Creating an acidic pH Addition of distilled water
Which of the following is consitend with the laws of themodynamics govering energy? Evenetually sunlight that is absorbed on the earth returns to space as dispersed heat.
Number of insulin receptors in membranes is related to the amount of insulin present around those cells. presence of increased insulin results in a decrease in receptors & a decrease in insulin results in an increase in insulin receptors, example of. Negative or regulatory feedback.
Which of the following is correct for ATP? It's a high energy molecule that can be broken doen to ADP and a phosphate.
Many names for sugars end in the suffix -ose
Mitochondria A. Are involved in ATP production (buildup energy curreny for the cell) B. Are present in animal cells C. Are present in plant cells D. Are bound my membranes E. All of the these are correct All of these are correct
Kingdom Fungi includes species That obtain food by decomposing dead organisms and absorbing the nutrients.
The idea that all living things are composed of cells and that all cells come form other cells defines. Cell theory
You are told that the cells on a microscope slide are plant, animal, or bacteria. You look at them through a microscope and see cell wall and membrane-bound organelles. You conclude correctly that the cells. Could be either plant or bacterical cells.
A central vacuole is found in animal cells. False
The nucleus of a cell Contains DNA
Peroxisomes A. Are found in plant cells B. Are found in animal cells C. Involved in the breakdown of lipids D. Malfunction results in the desease ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy) E. All of these are correct All of these are correct
The surface-area-to-volume ratio principle defines what aspect of a cell? Its size
Which of the following organelles contain its own DNA suggesting they were once independent prokaryotes? A. Golgi apparatus B. Mitochondria C. Choloroplasts D. Ribosomes E. Both b and c are correct Both b and c are correct
Which of the following statements about lysosomes is false? Lysosomes synthesize proteins from the recycled amino acids.
Which of these are responsible for protein synthesis? Ribosomes
Living organisms are made up of cells. True
Which form of energy is NOT correctly associated with the related examples? Kinetic energy: fat molecules
Which best describes the first law of thermodynamics? Energy is not created nor destoryed, but it can change from one energy form to another.
Which best describes the second law of thermoodynamics? Some useful energy is lost as heat whenever an energy transfer occurs.
Created by: Haleyannestes
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