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Chapter 13 Civil Engineering

abutment structural components that connect the bridge to the ground at the ends of the bridge
beam structural member that transmits loads to columns
bending force that causes a structure to sag when placed in the middle of it
cantilever bridge type of beam bride that can span greater distances than a simple beam bridge
civil engineering engineering of both the design and construction of public works projects or other large construction projects
compression crushing force down the axis of a material that shortens the material
dynamics study of forces that cause motion on physical objects
equilibrium state at which structures can oppose external forces and can transfer the load throughout the structure
free body diagram simple drawing that includes three components
joint device that connects two or more structural members together
loads forces the structure must withstand
piers main vertical columns that transfer the load of the bridge into the ground
shear force that acts in opposite directions across a material
statics study that deals with the analysis of loads on objects at rest
structural frame columns and beams used to build a structure, called a skeleton
struts braces that resist compression
tension pulling force that tends to stretch a material
torsion turning force that is applied to a material or structure
total station surveying instrument designed to measure both distance and angles
truss bridge type of bride that uses a truss, which allows for the load to be spread out through all of the structural members in the truss
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