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poem terms and examples

The repetition of two or more constant sounds in successive words in a line of either poetry or prose Alliteration
Exaggeration used to emphasize a point Hyperbole
When Words to create a scenery experience see using five sentences. The word paints a Picture that appeals your senses Imagery
Rhyme that occurs within a line of poetry Internal rhyme
A comparison of two unlike things by stating one thing it’s something else Metaphor
The use of words that imitate a sound Onomatopoeia
Anything, animal, or an abstract turn is giving human characteristics or qualities Personification
A comparison of two things, connected by the words like or as Simile
In object used to represent an idea or a feeling Symbol
A two line stanza in poetry, which tends to have lines of equal length in the last word in each line rhymes with the other line Rhyming couplet
Be emotional quality of a poem. The feeling created by the poem Mood ( how it makes you feel )
The writers attitude toward his/her subject. The tone may be playful, happy, serious… Tone
The repetition of sounds at the end of words Rhyme
Sweet Cecelia knew sad secrets Example of alliteration
I am so hungry, I could eat a horse Example of hyperbole
The crusty milk plopped into the glass. ( sense of sight and hearing ) Example of imagery
Hear the rain, feel the pain Example of internal rhyme
Love is a flower Example of metaphor
The bee buzz around the beautiful pink flower Example of onomatopoeia
The wind whispered to the moon Example of Personification
See was as quiet as a mouse ...... or ........ my love is like a seed Example of simile
The American flag was raised through the rubble…. Or ...... American flag is a symbol of bravery and strength Example of symbol
My wife is so lazy She is also crazy Example of rhyming couplet
The mood might be happy or sad it may make you feel confident we’re grateful Example of mood
The trees seem to snap and bite as I ran through the forest, they were on my heels! ( The tone here is one of suspense ) Example of tone
It was many years ago/in a kingdom by the sea/that a maiden there lived whom you may know/by the name of Annabel Lee; Example of rhyme