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What evidence did Charles Darwin collect in addition to specimens of organisms alive during his time? Darwin collected many fossils.
Why might genetic drift occur if a small number of individuals colonize a new habitat? A small group of individuals may carry alleles in different relative frequencies from those of the original population.
Were Darwin’s hypotheses about natural selection and evolution similar to the ideas of most other scientists of his time? Explain. No; Darwin’s hypotheses challenged the fundamental scientific ideas of the times.
What did observations of the tortoises of the Galápagos lead Charles Darwin to hypothesize about these animals’ ancestry? Darwin hypothesized that they were descended from a single ancestral species.
What was the source of the oxygen gas that began to accumulate in the atmosphere more than 2 billion years ago? The oxygen gas that was added to Earth’s atmosphere was produced by photosynthetic bacteria that lived in the sea.
What information does relative dating provide? Relative dating allows paleontologists to estimate a fossil’s age compared with that of other fossils.
Why is the fossil record an incomplete history of life? The formation of a fossil depends on a precise combination of conditions, therefore many ancient organisms died without leaving a trace.
Charles Darwin viewed the fossil record as detailed record of evolution.
In genetic drift, allele frequencies change because of chance
Primates have opposable vision, which is the ability to merge images from both eyes. false
If an allele makes up one fourth of a population’s alleles for a given trait, its relative frequency is 25%
Members of the genus Australopithecus used tools. false
When a farmer breeds only his or her best livestock, the process involved is artificial selection.
A single species that has evolved into several different forms that live in different ways has undergone adaptive radiation.
In a population, the sum of the relative frequencies of all alleles for a particular trait is equal to 100%
A factor that is necessary for the formation of a new species is reproductive isolation
Genetic drift tends to occur in populations that are small
The type of genetic drift that follows the colonization of a new habitat by a small group of individuals is called the founder effect
In a population of finches in which one group of birds has a short, parrotlike beak and another group has a long, narrow beak, what process has probably occurred? disruptive selection
When individuals with an average form of a trait have the highest fitness, the result is stabilizing selection.
The allele frequencies of a population are more likely to remain unchanged if all mating is random.
How would you date a sample of rock that you suspect as being one of the earliest on Earth? Use a radioactive isotope with a long half-life.
Which of the following statements describe what all members of a population share? They are members of the same species.
To compare the relative ages of fossils, scientists sometimes use an easily recognized species called a(an) index fossil
Which statement is in agreement with Darwin’s theory of evolution? More offspring are produced than can possibly survive.
Modern experiments similar to Miller and Urey’s demonstrate that simulating conditions thought to exist on early Earth can produce some bases contained in RNA.
The number of possible phenotypes for a given trait depends on how many _ control the trait. genes
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