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Another name for a Sebaceous cyst epidermal inclusion cyst
These cyst can be found anterior to the superficial layer, w/in the dermal layer..... Sebaceous cyst
This ___________ is hyperechoic in nature but may vary from anechoic or hypoechoic Sebaceous cyst
internal echoes are the result of several possible processes: NAME : 4 cholesterol crystals , proteinaceous debris, floating foamy macrophages , floating papillary apocrine metaplasia
6 basic types of benign solid breast pathologies : fibroadenoma, phyllodes tumor, nipple adenoma, focal dysplastic papillomatosis, ST breast tumor , skin tumors
50% of all benign breast pathologies and are the most common in women under age 35 fibroadenoma
This benign tumor may be found in older women undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) fibroadenoma
This tumor _______ often calcify, displaying a popcorn-like pattern fibroadenoma
very similar to the fibroadenomas but much less common Phyllodes tumor
These tumors are usually benign, but may become Malignant (10% of cases) especially when it exceeds 3 cm Phyllodes tumor
Phyllodes tumor is benign but can be malignant, know characteristics hypoechoic, well circumscribed, oval= benign almost 3cm and exhibits cystic spaces= malignant
Large, oval , well-defined, mobile, macrolobulated masses with fibrotic septae which can appear as echogenic bands within Lactating Adenomas
Quite mobile, homodgenous, hypoechoic, little echancement, tightly packed punctate calcifications tubular adenomas
composed of the lining cells of a lactiferous duct papilloma
which tumor are the most common cause of bloody nipple discharge Papilloma
this tumor is usually homogenously hypoechoic , - most are connected to a vascular stalk papilloma
a small percentage become malignant but are typically non -invasive, slow growing papilloma
Solitary papillomas, located centrally , arise from the duct, while multiple, peripheral papillomas arise from the ______ TDLU
Distinct form of ductal hyperplasia with epithelial proliferation and clustered cyst formation Juvenile Papillomatosis
inhomogeneous mass with one or several small (0.4) round cystic areas near the borders of the lesion Juvenile papillomatosis
___________________ have a gross app similar to Swiss cheese Juvenile Papillomas
common soft tissue tumor and far more compressible Lipoma
extremely difficult to visualized: smooth or slightly lobulated mass enclosed by a thin capsule Lipoma
when differentiating fibroadenomas and lipomas, which one is more compressible fat is squishy, remember that- lipomas
fibro-adeno-lipoma or adeno-fibro-lipoma is what? Hamartoma
Breast within a breast Hamartoma
Thin, radiolucent border of the mass in the CC view on Mammo is what mass? Hamartoma
Common form of inflammation is lactational (puerperal) mastitis
Non-lactational forms of mastitis : (6) infected cyst, subareolar abscess, post surgical inflammation, plasma cell (periductal) mastits, tuberculosis, inflammatory carcinoma
puerperal period up to 6 weeks postpartum
Mastitis revels on sono:: increase echos of fat and parenchymal layers, possible shadowing, skin thickening, blurred tissue planes, Increase vascularity
Periductal mastitis involves ___-_____ subareolar ducts that become infected in ______ women Non dilated young
Duct ectasia involves ______ subareolar ducts in _____ women dilated older
cigar shaped calcifications Plasma cell mastits
The thickness of the skin of the breast is usually ? <0.2 cm
What is Galactorrhea? bilateral-milk discharge from a non-lactating and non-pregnant female
breast tumors causing nipple discharge for benign Intraductal Papilloma
breast tumors causing nipple discharge for malignant Intraductal Papilloma Carcinoma, DCIS, IDC
____ - _____ are the most common and are the end stage of fat necrosis Oil Cyst
Egg shell appearance on mammo fat necrosis/ oil cyst
gynecomastia lacks what? acini, lobules, and coopers ligaments
This disorder is characterized by thrombophlebitis of the subcutaneous veins of the breast Mondor's Disease
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