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Biology Module 4

Which process makes identical copies of a cell? Mitosis
Which process halves the number of chromosomes that are produced? Meiosis
Which process is required for sexual reproduction? Meiosis
Chromosomes pairs of the same size and shape are called? homologous chromosomes
Chromosomes found in gamete cells (sperm/egg) are called? Haploid
Chromosomes found in somatic cells (body) are called? diploid
We have how many diploid chromosomes? 46
We have how many haploid chromosomes? 23
What is the indented area where chromatids are held together? Centromere
What is the longest phase of the cell cycle? Interphase
Skin cells divide every? 20 hours
White blood cells divide every? 2 weeks
Red blood cells divide every? within hours
Nerve cells divide when? hardly ever
Cancer cells divide when? Very rapidly
Cancer cells do not show? (out of control) Contact inhibition
Benign tumor Mass of cancerous cells
Malignant tumor cells spread to other areas of the body
Cancer is the ________ leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. Second
Cancer is responsible for what percent of deaths in the US? 25%
What is the leading cancer in both men and women? Lung cancer
Type of cancer with highest frequency? Skin cancer
What percentage of cancer deaths are related to smoking? 30%
What percentage of cancer deaths are from second hand smoke? 10%
Asexual reproduction involves making new cells by? Mitosis
Sexual reproduction involves formation of gametes by? Meiosis
Homologous chromosomes are separated in? Meiosis 1
How many sperm are in sperm formation? 4 sperm
How many eggs are in egg formation? 1 egg & 3 polar bodies
If given 6 chromosomes, how many possible combinations are there? 8 2 to the 3 power bc there are 3 pairs
How many possible combinations of chromosomes are there for humans? 8 million 2 to the 23 power
Who worked out rues of inheritance? Gregor Mendel
What plant did Mendel use for experiments? Garden pea
Term for what the individual looks like? Phenotype
Term for what the individual's 2 alleles are? Genotype
Both alleles the same is called Homozygote
2 alleles different is called Heterpzygote
P generation Parent generation
First generation of offspring from parents F1 generation
Second generation of offspring (from crosses between F1 individuals) F2 generation
Monohybrid cross Cross that involves one trait (ex color)
Dihybrid cross Cross that involves 2 traits (ex. color and seed shape)
Codominance When each allele is expressed
Incomplete Dominance Red and White flowers make Pink flower
Created by: maryssamccunn
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