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Chapter Three


Odenoonh Town
Odenaang To the town
Namegamig Church
Name-gamigoong At the Church
Giigido-gamig Hall/Community Center
Giigido-gamigoong At the hall/Community Center
Dawe-gamig Store
Dawe-gamigoong To the Store
Minikew-gamig Hotel/Bar
Minikew-gamigoong At the hotel/Bar
Gabeshi-gamig Motel
Gbeshi-gamigoong At the motel
Shange-gamig Resturaunt
Shange-gamigoong At the Resturaunt
Aakozii-gamig Hospital
Aakozii-gamigoong At the Hospital
Tkwonwenini-gamigoong At the Police Station
Jiibiye-gamig Funeral Home
Ookaan-gamig Barn
Ookaan-gamigoong At the Barn
Baakaakwe-gamig Chicken Hut
Baakaakew-gamigoong At the Chicken Hut
Kinoomaage-gamig School
Kinoomaage-gamigoong At the school
Zhooshkwaadegamig Arena
Zhooshkwaadegamigoong At the arena
Zhoonyaagmig Bank
Zhoonyaagamigoong At the bank
Bkwaadbebjigegamig Dentist building
Bkwaabdenbjigegamig At the Dentist building
Niimidigamig Dane Hall
Niimidigamigoong At the dance hall
Daabaankegamig Garage
Daabaankegamigoong At the car garage
Daabaangamig Car garage
daabaangamigong At the car garage
Ngaasmoongamig Tent
Ngaasnmoongamig At the tent
Gimaagamig Band Office/City Hall
Gimaagamigoong At the band office /city hall
Gzhaadigegamig Day care Center
Gzhaadigegamigoong At the day care center
Shkodedaabaangamig Train Station
Shkodedaabaangamigigoong At the train Station
Mzinaatesjigegamig Movie Theater
Mzinaatesjigegamigoong At the movie theater
Taasoogamig Shed/Sotrage Place
Taasoogamigoong At the shed/storage place
Zaakmoogamig Out house
Zaakimoogamigoong At the out houst
Genkaanhgamig Old age home
Genkaanhgamigoong At the old age home
Jiibaakwegamig Kitchen
Jiibaakewgamigoong At the kitchen
Nbegamig Bedroom
Nbdegamigoong At the bedroom
Kwajiing Outside
Mtigoong On the tree
Biindig Inside
Siibiing AT the river
Jiibiig At the beach
Wemtigwaaki In the forest
Kitigaaning At the garden
Taaswining On the cupboard
Jiimaaning On the boat
Doopwining On the table
Wiigwaaming On the house
Daabaaning At the car
Shkodedaabaaning On the train
Nbaaganing On the bed
Pakwaaning On the roof
-oong, -ing Suffix: in, at, on, or to the
Created by: Dokis09



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