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Istanbul Convention

11 Ensuring data collection and research
12 Prevention of violence against women
13 Raising awareness of violence against women
16 Domestic and sexual violence perpetrator programmes
52 Emergency barring orders in situations of domestic violence
10 establishing national co-ordinating bodies
4.1 take the necessary legislative and other measures to promote and protect the right for everyone, particularly women, to live free from violence in both the public and the private sphere
4.2 prevent discrimination and promote equality between women and men, girls and boys, in law and practice
7 coordinated policies
9 work together with CSOs
8 properly finance
11 based on robust data
14 education for children and young people in schools
15 training of professionals who deal with survivors
17 working with the media on gender equality
19 information to survivors on access to services
20-21 general and specialist support services
24 sufficient shelters
26 support services for children in need
30 compensation
31 safe contact, visiting and custody arrangements
32 escape from forced marriage
35 physical violence
53 psychological violence
34 stalking
36 sexual violence including rape
37 forced marriage
38 female genital mutilation
42 honor crimes
50 immediate response to protection of survivors
51 risk assessment - including lethality risk and access to firearms
53 restraining orders
54 previous sexual history evidence
59 survivors have the right to apply for a separate residence permit
60 reflection of refugee law about gender based persecution
61 right not to be returned if face risk of torture or killing
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