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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Collected French Voc Collected vocabulary words from every day French 2015-12-04 jennasd 194 1 edit
French -Simple Tense Collected French Verbs - Simple Tense Unfinished 2015-10-08 jennasd 78 0 edit
Le passé composé Le passé composé Unfinished 2015-10-08 jennasd 37 0 edit
Izzy French Izzy French Unfinished 2015-11-15 jennasd 95 0 edit
animal phrases animal phrases in French Unfinished 2017-02-06 jennasd 21 0 edit
Istanbul Convention Istanbul Convention Law 2018-04-17 jennasd 36 0 edit
Irreg FR Verb Conj Irregular French Verb Conjugations Present Tense French 2015-08-12 Nitrousoxide 18 1 edit
french midterm french French 2017-11-08 thankyou4th3venom 246 2 edit
francais III francais III French 2015-08-13 shelbypeck 17 1 edit
-er verbs -er verbs French 2022-01-06 redhousefarms 171 115 edit
Irregular Verbs Irregular Verbs French 2019-04-02 dembry 84 2 edit
Irregular Verbs verbs with irregular participe passe French 2019-10-01 bjk 27 2 edit
OrrSubjunctive Forms Formation of the subjunctive French 2020-11-07 teachorr 50 5 edit
French Prepositions AP French Prepositions following verbs French 2021-11-18 542472549 142 4 edit
FreEng Verbs-3rd Grp French-English Verbs in the 3rd Group /Irregular French 2015-08-17 cberteau 155 2 edit
AQA French Relationships and Choices French 2015-08-17 Kajal11 174 2 edit
Subjonctif + doute, Subjonctif + expression du doute, du souhait, des emotions French 2015-08-17 Madame Schranz 17 2 edit
Le Corps The Body in French French 2015-08-17 asammon 12 2 edit
Verbes pronominaux Translate and practice your reflexive verbs French 2021-05-05 bwish 43 4 edit
C'est à Toi L1 U4 -IR verb conjugations French 2015-08-17 mmecford 54 1 edit
DF blanc L2 adjectives French 2015-08-17 mbfarrow 57 1 edit
-ir verbs -ir verbs French 2021-09-30 redhousefarms 70 63 edit
-re verbs -re verbs French 2021-09-30 redhousefarms 33 50 edit
French Adverbs French Adverbs Unfinished 2021-04-14 redhousefarms 100 4 edit
French Body Parts French Body Parts Unfinished 2021-04-14 redhousefarms 20 2 edit
French Expressions French Expressions Unfinished 2015-08-17 redhousefarms 16 1 edit
FR 11-conditionnel Learn the regular and irregular verbs in the conditional tense French 2020-12-06 bwish 36 1 edit
bfpixie 6 french flashcards 6 French 2015-12-04 bfpixie 190 1 edit
French Conjugaison French Conjugaison Unfinished 2015-12-04 ragnant 8 1 edit

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