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Chpt 20

Electronics and Appliances

Obsolesence State of no longer being useful or in use
Consumer electronic product Devices used for communication and education that run on electric current or batteries
Telecommunication Communication at a distance, such as by e-mail or text messages
Convergence The merging of separate devices, technologies, or industries into one
Dial-up Internet access through a telephone line using a modem in the computer
EnergyGuide label Chart giving an estimate of annual operating costs for an appliance
DSL Internet access using a digital frequency that does not interfere with telephone service
Wi-Fi Technology that works by transmitting information using electromagnetic waves from radio towers
Firewall A protection system to block unwanted e-mail, offensive websites, and potential hackers
ENERGY STAR label Appear on appliances and home electronics that meet strict energy and water-saving criteria
True Technology has led to the need for new service industries
False Mass communication is another term for Telecommunication
False The 1996 Telecommunication Act separated industries by regulating the services telecom. companies could provide
True A telecommunication company may use several different technologies to deliver a service
True Wired carriers make up the largest segment of the telecom industry
False Appliance safety is strictly for the manufacturer's responsibility
True DSL is NOT an option for people who live far away from switching stations
True A bit is the smallest unit of data a computer uses
True The larger the bandwidth, the greater the amount of information transmitted
False The use of fiber optics decreases bandwidth
True Wi-Fi makes it possible to use a laptop computer in hotspots
True A driver tells a computer how to use a peripheral device
False Most prepaid phones require signing a long-term service contract
True Posting personal information on a public website or social network can enable someone to locate or harass you
You can save space in your backpack or purse
Bits per second
Washers, dryers, and refrigerators
A digital camera
Enable file sharing on your mobile computer
1. style 2. memory 3. size 4. warranties 5. accessories
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