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Meeting the Family

Berjenaka To make jokes
Bersara Retire
Berkahwin Married
Ingin Wish
Jemput Invite
Menjaga Take care
Suka Like
Ada Have
Pertama First
Kedua Second
Bagus Good
Bongsu Youngest child
Sulong Eldest child
Rendah Low (level) e.g. primary school = sekolah rendah
Manja Affectionate (positive connotation) or attention; seeking/clingy/insecure (negative connotation)
Comel Cute/Adorable; Also euphemism for fat/chubby
Sekolah School
Umur Age
Adik Younger sibling
Kembar Twin; Triplets = Kembar tiga
Sepupu Cousin
Anak Child
Adik beradik Siblings
Pembantu rumah Domestic helper
Orang Person; Ramai orang = crowded; Orang ramai = a crowd, collective of people
Datuk Grandfather
Lelaki Male
Perempuan Female
Anak-anak Children
Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Institute of Higher Studies/Learning
Guru besar Principal
Makan malam Dinner
Dulu A long time ago; Or: Dahulu = means "go first" or a colloquial term for "a long time ago" (if its in the past but not that long time ago, then its "yang lalu...")
Kini Nowadays
Bagus kalau begitu Good, if so
Bukan? Isit not?
Sungguh Very; Note: greater degree than 'sanggat'; E.g. Sungguh sedap (very delicious)
Berapakah How much/many?; E.g. How old?
Sudah tentu Of course
Terdiri daripada Consist of
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