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Sep Phrasal Verbs

40 Common separable phrasal verbs

call off to cancel
cheer up to make someone happy
charge up to put electricity into a battery
ask out to ask someone on a date
bring up 1. to raise children 2. to raise a topic
call back to return someone's phone call
clean up to make something tidy or clean
cross out to eliminate
cut out 1. to remove something (usually by cutting) 2. to stop doing something (eliminate a routine)
do over to repeat
drop off to leave something somewhere (brief delivery)
figure out to resolve, discover, determine
fill out to complete a form
fill up to fill something
give back to return
give up to stop trying
hand in 1. to deliver 2. to give an assignment to a teacher or supervisor
hang up to stop a telephone conversation
kick out to be asked to leave, to throw out
look up to search for
make up 1. to constitute 2. to invent
pick up 1. to lift 2. to take up
point out to call attention to
put away to store something in the proper place
put on to get dressed
shut off to stop something from running
take off to remove
take over to take control
think over 1. to consider 2. to ponder
throw away to discard
throw up to vomit
try on to test
turn on to start a machine
turn off to stop a machine
turn down 1. to lower in intensity 2. to refuse
turn up to increase in intensity
keep out not enter
take out remove / go on a date
fill in complete spaces on a form
pass out distribute
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