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Chapter 15 Vocab

Foam Fractonator Constantly removes foam when it is formed, also removes proteins and fine partials.
Ammonia-nitrogen The summed weight of nitrogen in the molecular form of dissolved ammonia. Recorded as N.
Biofilter A device that uses living material and substrate to capture and biologically degrade ammonia from a recirculating system.
Denitrification A biochemical reaction in which nitrate is reduced to NO2, N2O and nitrogen gas.
Nitrification Oxidizes ammonia and nitrite into nitrate.
Nitrite-nitrogen A part of the nitrogen cycle, which is poisonous to fish.
Oxygenation Occurs in the water through a type of diffuser and can either non-pressurize or pressurize the water.
Settleable soilds The traction of the suspended solids that will settle out of suspended quiescent conditions.
Substrate An underlying substance on which beneficial bacteria can grow.
Suspended soilds Solids that will not settle out of the water column under still conditions within one hour and would not be expected to be removed by conventional settling.
Aeration Introduction of air in the water so there's more oxygen to breathe for aquatic life.